12 days of Christmas pattern sale, first up a new upcycling and crochet pattern!

Starting today every day I will have a 50% off of one pattern, 12 days 12 sales! first one a DIY and crochet cowl using upcycled fabric… read on to find out…

I am a great gift giver…  well I am passed the age where you feel embarrassed to admit that I am good at something!  I have always been very good at giving gifts, I think about the person who is receiving the present, what are they into?, what do they love most? what can I get that will be part of THAT thing that is closer to their heart?…

When I make or buy something for my kids I always imaging their little faces when they open the present…  I ask myself how can I incorporate what they love to what I do or make?, for instance, I want to make new cowl/ponchos for the the girls for this season, (not matter how many they have got from last winter!, I need to keep my fingers busy!). Eva, is into superheros, big time!… well in a way they all are! but when the girls turned 4 we got them Batgirl and Supergirl costumes, since then she is always dressing up Batgirl and you know what?, I don’t dislike it!, they are way too many princesses dresses in my house!.

LuzPatterns.com Batgirl upclycled fabric crochet cowl 1 LuzPatterns.com Batgirl upclycled fabric crochet cowl 2

With that in mind, I had this top which someone gave a long time ago, I didn’t like it and I was really really not going to ever wear it! but the superheros print was very sweet, so I kept if at the bottom of my drawer for a long time!, I knew one day I will be doing something with it, well… here it is!, I cut the whole bottom and used it as the lining for a lacy crocheted cowl.


The AHA! moment came when I gave her one of my scarfs and she complained it was itchy… well that normally happens with pure wool!, even with merino wool they complained that is itchy!, I mostly don’t like working with 100% acrylic either when there are so many lovely (and cheap visit Drops!) natural fibers out there!. So I thought, what about putting this lovely ‘lining’ on this lovely cowl?, I am very happy with the result and I think she is too… even if she looks a bit moody in the pictures! :o)



As always you can find the pattern  Ravelry, Etsy and Craftsy shops.

Happy Gift Giving! xx

Not buying wrapping paper this year!… I will crochet it!… well almost!… DIY

Okay stop rolling your eyes!… It is not that I think you, (or in this case me!) can ‘hand’ made everything, but! I really do not understand why we have to spent almost as much on the wrapping paper as you do on the presents!?

I promised a 12 Days of Christmas crochet, well this is a Christmas DIY which is probably going to be the easiest and most practical!.

Introducing how-much-for-Christmas-ribbon?-you-must-be-joking!-I-can-do-myself-with-a-fraction-of-the-money-crochet-christmas-garland… oh Christmas crochet garland for short! :o)

LuzPatterns.com_Crochet_Christmas_gallards_4_1_30 LuzPatterns.com_Crochet_Christmas_gallards_5_30 LuzPatterns.com_Crochet_Christmas_gallards_8_30

The trick of this DIY is to use anything and everything you might have with sparkles and then use them in colour blocks, so for instance, I will be using the blue to wrap all the presents for my boy, the silver for one of the girls and the pink of the other, in this case they will know which presents are for them!, I am thinking of only using brown paper as well, why? I hear you asking?… well I just love it! is there a better reason?. I will be including some name tags as well, or just use sharpie to write their names… even that can be done with lots of flare and it doesn’t have to cost the moon!

So this is what I propose, use ordinary brown paper to wrap the present and then get creative with the yarn, making a long  chain going around the present a couple of times and then make a motif, like a heart or like in this case a little sun-circle type


or a simple bow


at the end of the day, it will take exactly 1.2 seconds between the child seeing the present and the paper getting ripped apart! (why don’t adult do that?, it is a lot more fun!) Happy gift giving!


It is a Lazy Sunday for the whole family!

I have so many requests for patterns, I don’t always work on these because my to do list gets so long it is just demoralizing!

This time though I thought I would listen to you, I think you were right!, these lazy sundays belong to everyone! and everyone’s toes deserve to be toasty warm :o)

I have been working on these two patterns for all kids sizes, first up the baby sizes with a longer booties 0 to 6 months and 6 to 12 months.

LuzPatterns.com_Lazy_sundays_kids_186_2_20 LuzPatterns.com_Lazy_sundays_kids_186_3_20You can find the pattern on presale for only $3 on Ravelry and Craftsy

I then got busy with the kids sizes, US shoes sizes 4 to 9, and I made them with the super cool Drops Peak in pink (I love the shorter slipper!)

LuzPatterns.com_Lazy_sundays_kids_186_4_1_20 LuzPatterns.com_Lazy_sundays_kids_186_5_20You can find the pattern also for only $3 on my Ravelry and Craftsy


Black Friday Sale! 50% off all my patterns

Yep! it is that time of the Black Friday Sale! get 50% all my patterns on all my shops! enter BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to get your discount on ETSY and RAVELRY

But hurry offer ends Saturday 28th! HAPPY CROCHETING!

LuzPatterns.com Black friday sale 50%off!

LuzPatterns.com BlackFriday sale 50%


Lazy Sunday home shoes crochet pattern

I have been working on these slippers for a little while, I normally work in two or three patterns at the same time, If there isn’t chaos in my mind then nothing gets done! When I finally finish them I was wondering about their name, I thought when am I most likely to wear them? the answer was obvious a Lazy Sunday Morning! so here there are (I am wearing my pair as I am typing this!) I love how warm and comfy these are, not too shabby either! just because you are at home doesn’t mean you you can’t be stylish!

Lazy Sunday home boots 185 5Lazy Sunday home boots 185 4 Lazy Sunday home boots 185 3I am already working on the kids sizes! for now you can download this pattern for only $3 from my Ravelry and Craftsy shops, the pattern is also on sale on my Etsy shop

Happy Days!

Luz xx


The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day one Snow White Christmas Tree

Yes! this year I am doing the ‘Twelve days of Christmas… Crochet Patterns!” There will be a selection of crochet and amigurumi patterns leading up to Christmas, first one Snow White Christmas Tree:



LuzPatterns.com_Snow_white_Xmas_tree_3_30 This sweet Christmas Tree is big enough to sit proudly at your dinner table!, I particularly love white Christmas but this pattern will look just as adorable in green with gold accents.

You can find the pattern for only $3 on Ravelry and Craftsy. Pattern also available at my Etsy store

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