Back to school! Oh yes I am ready!… well almost!…

This will be the second year my kids go to school, can you believe how quickly times goes by? I don’t have babies any more!, anyway last september was the girls first year and although their brother was in year 2 I wasn’t quite ready for all the stuff 3 children will need!. Obviously I make a tone of hats, scarfs, gloves… you name it! but the rainy and cold days came upon me so quickly that I had to buy some extra fleece ones to keep those heads covered!

This year I am determined I will have enough made by september!, I had quite a few things going at the moment, but I have finished this super easy but very effective cover up for the girls!. They love all things blue now because of Elza of course!, so when I asked what colour the ears and nose for the cat hat and cowl should be, there was a massive BLUE! shouted at me from across the room! here is it! first of many many autumn and winter designs from me: The Cat Hat and Cowl convo

Cat hat and cowl 180 4

She couldn’t help herself here! she wanted to be a cat! :)

Cat hat and cowl 180 2

Cat hat and cowl 180 1

The pattern includes both the crochet beanie and the cowl and I decided to keep things very simple for all those of you starting to crochet, I wanted to show you that ever with just basic knowledge you can make something practical and beautiful!

The pattern is now on SALE on my Ravelry and Craftsy shops for only $3, (normal price $4.99). You can also get it on Etsy.

Kindle book offer, 8 patterns book for only $0.99

Crochet Gift cover


Attention! all kindle owners!

Fancy 8 of my patterns for only for only $0.99?

For a very limited period of time you can get my new Crochet Gift kindle book for only $0.99. Contains 8 patterns:
2 slippers, 2 cowls, 2 fingerless gloves, the summer wrap and a slouchy hat which becomes a cowl.
This is the perfect book for the early autumn! but hurry offer ends soon!. Find the book here

How very pinteresting!

Are you on pinterest?, I cannot get enough!, I am forever browsing all the beautiful stuff people are making!, crochet (and knitting) take the most part of my time there, I thought of sharing with you what has kept me fascinated this week, enjoy it!

Makeup pouches by Anabelia  crochet pouches This owl rug is just brilliant!, I love it! pattern here owl rug   I love amigurumi and I love giraffes, (I think they are my favourite animal) pattern here giraffe   I wish I had more time to crochet for myself!, kids are always the first on the line! I would make something like this stunning cardigan!


Love simple colourful crochet flowers, love this one!

crochet flower

If you are fancy keep up with my activity in pinterest, you can follow me here

Have a terrific weekend!


New fingerless gloves lace crochet pattern

A while back I told you that I was featured in Inside Crochet Magazine in here in the UK, finally my pattern is now available on my shops! you can buy the winter lace fingerless gloves on Ravelry and Craftsy for only $3! but hurry offer ends soon! winter lace fingerless gloves 2 winter lace fingerless gloves 1 winter lace fingerless glovesAlso on my Etsy store.


Back to school crochet, sewing and knitting inspiration

This year I am determined,  I will be ready!. London is a funny place, you can have 28 degrees on Sunday and 15 on Monday! Last year in September I thought I was ready and then suddenly started to get cold really quickly!, I have three kids so I panicked and had to buy ‘emergency’ winter gloves, scarfs and a few cardigans! This year I will be on top of it! I AM crocheting, sewing and knitting winter stuff through the summer even if it kills me! so it is a very sticky 26 degrees outside and I am sat here with all my merino and alpacas… nice!

I have been looking at the items that they will need for next year, a backpack is the first on the list, I like this pattern from Ann Marie Brei

annemariesbreiblog backpack bloged at

I have seen some super cool pencil cases but this one is my favorite!  by Minnebites

Whale pencil case bloged by minnebites at

This super cute rainbow crochet pencil case by Lisette Maurik van is adorable and so simple to make!

rainbow pencil case

I always make a ton of hats, they love the animal ones but I kind of fancy something a bit more smart looking, I love this one!

Hats Scarfs Gloves - Kids Clothing - Catya  Lora  Girls Knit Hat


On a more practical level I love this fleece hat tutorial from spoonful 


I must make lots of time to make at least one of this by knitting pure and simple

knitting pure and simple kids knitted cardigan bloged

Love the crocheted animal mittens by uncommon goods

kids mittens

A very simple tutorial for this lovely scarf here

bow scarf tutorialYou can bit a pencil scarf tho! this one by lisaBbowman

pencil scarf

I will have to set a few hours over the weekend for this one, but I really fancy making this winter coat by Heidi and Finn patterns

winter coat for kids sewing pattern bloged at

Food glorious food: Avocado mozzarella salad

I am on a quest to get back to a healthy weight (I am not too far but it seems to take forever!), so I have decided to keep it simple. There is a glorious sunshine in the London’s sky and I feel like a salad! avocado motzarella_salad_1_30

abocado motzarella salad

This super fresh salad is made by cutting 1 small avocado, a handful of olives, nice dark leave lettuce and low fat mozzarella, I dressed it with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Not many calories and it is a feast!

Calories:  not many…. :)

Yum yum factor: MMMMMMMM…..

Home DIY before and after bedroom wardrobe

I am in a mission! After 4 years of living in our home I decided I had enough of an “open door wardrobe”, okay what I mean is you buy this cool wardrobe’s ‘guts’ from Ikea, they fit perfectly on the gap where the wardrobe used to be but then… I just didn’t know what to do with the front! anyway this is what it looked like before wardrobe before and after 1 wardrobe before and after 2

Well actually I guess this is an intermediate step as you can see the rail on the ceiling already. wardrobe before and after 3

And this is what it looks right now! wardrobe before and after wardrobe before and after wardrobe before and after wardrobe before and after 7LuzPatterns before and after wardrobe

Considering that I have never really made a curtain and it only took me two and half hours I am really happy with the result!, I was so worried I would mess it up so I only bought a inexpensive white cotton and added the gold fabric stripe at the bottom, duvet cover really needs an upgrade tho! :)

It was very easy to make as well, Theo measured the ceiling and bought and installed the rail, then I just measure from the ceiling to the floor and all the way around the corner. Because there isn’t much space between the bed’s feet and the wardrobe I didn’t want the fabric to ruffled too much so I only added an extra 60 cm.