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Upcycled denim and crochet bag pattern giveaway! CLOSED!



Melani, Iratxe, Kris H, Michelle Wulf and Seema, Congratulations to all the winners, I will be sending you the pattern via email tomorrow morning! Thanks so much for all of you who shared and took part, you are all very good girls! :)



You can now buy the patterns, on Etsy and Ravelry

Hi all!

I have not done a giveaway for a long time so I thought it was time!, I am working on two completely different line of patterns, this new pattern is part of my new collection of colourful, stylish and practical crochet.

I have made this bag using a (very large) pair of old jeans and decorate it with crochet, the pattern will have a tone of pictures of how to cut and sew the bag as well as the crochet mandala at the front and how to decorate the handle. Upcycled denim and crochet bag 200 Upcycled denim and crochet bag 200 2 Upcycled denim and crochet bag 5

The pattern will be release early next week, fancy one of the 5 copies that I am giving away?, share this giveaway on your facebook, pinterest or any social media you like most and enter a comment on this post telling me you have been a good girl (boy) and that is it!, Giveaway closes Tuesday evening 8pm GMT

Thanks so much for your support and best luck!… READY… STEADY… GO!

You crocheted what?

No seriously, you crocheted what?, really?… seriously?…

Crochet watermelon shoes… yes! I kid you not! brilliant and pretty bonkers! my type of thing! These fruity shoes are made by Fruit Punch By Mayanile watermelon shoes by FruitPunchByMayanile

This lady does some fantastic work! I mean who wouldn’t wear banana shoes? banana shoes by FruitPunchByMayanile

You have to visit her shop! Fruit Punch By Mayanile

It turns out, there are some artist having lots of fun creating crocheted shoes, but not as you would have imaging!, these are hardly the type of slippers you would have at home! Crocheted Roller Blades by Olek roller blades shoes by Olek

Her high hels are amazing! crocheted high heel shoes by Olek

Some amigurumi just crack me up! what do you say to a amigurumi Super Hero Snail? by Fallen Designs… brilliant Idea! amigurumi super hero snails by fallen designs

Some artists are just amazing check out the smoke on that cigar! by Nathan Vincent amigurumi cigar by Nathan VincentI am not often speechless… crocheted nails by HookLook crocheted nails by hooklook

Feeling hungry? what about a crocheted pepperoni pizza/scarf by TwinkieChan Crocheted pizza scarf by Twinkie Chan

I am all up for a silly crochet hat, heck! I have a few on my shops myself!… but what in the world?… it is also a crochet pattern! find it here by jinkss crochet fish hat pattern by jinkss

What else would you like? a kitchen sink?… fancy you mentioned that!… and the kitchen sink! by Kate over greedy for color crocheted kichen sink by greedy for color

Crochet Inspiration, a collection of crochet bags

I know I have written about crochet bags before, but I cannot help writing about it again!

I thought of putting together another round of crochet inspiration for your pure entertainment! This time around I went for colour!, winter is grey enough, let’s get some colour in our lives!, what do you think of this proposal by Ing-things, she wrote a tutorial for these beauties here crochet inspiration by

I love what Nekka does with their bags, they mixed different textiles on this one they work with leather and crochet, I just love the colour combinations! crochet inspiraton Nekka

And talking about materials combination what do you think of this stunning crochet purse by Elliot Maan crochet inspiration Elliot MannThis one is very close to my heart as I love a bit of denim on just about anything!, from regenbogenbuntes crochet inspiration regenbogenbuntes

Colour is what is all about for designer Alevtina, this purse is just stunning! love the sun on the flap! crochet inspiration by AlevtinaDesignsLittle purse now, not in multi colour but I think, this crochet bag pattern will look amazing with a combination of colours going around, don’t you think?, you can find Brenda’s pattern here crochet inspiration Brenda K. B. Anderson

Another pattern is this super cute cluth by Shelby Allaho, part of her book Stitch Story crochet inspiration Shelby AllahoCouldn’t resist this tutorial for a crochet coin purse, very cute from Das Crochet crochet inspiration Das crochetOne of my favorites crochet designers is vendulkam, I love her colour combinations, she is very talented!, check out this super cute bag, pattern here crochetinspiration vendulkamI am working on many bag designs, but one of my very best sellers is the boho bag, I thought of finishing this collection with of my own! :) boho bag 166 4



Feels like Monday… going back to life

Hi all!, I hope you have a fantastic New Year’s celebration!, we ended up going to visit grandparents for the New Year and today was the first day back to school for the kids, I must admit I felt really strange walking out the school gate this morning, I felt a bit empty, don’t get me wrong, I have been looking forward to sit down and get on with lots of tasks that I have set for my work, wanted to go back to ‘normal’ life… but I didn’t expect to have such a sad feeling as I was walking to the gym this morning…

Anyway, Theo (my better half) decided to sign me up for a 10K run in London at the beginning of Feb… the way I feel right now is arrrrrhhhhhhggggg! How am I even going to run/walk/curse for 10K!??, the most I have done is 6K on the crosstrainer!, so… to start properly training I went for a run in the gym.

It is a lovely walk, only 10 minutes and last week I took these pictures of some stunning leaves in the frost, so beautiful!

LuzPatterns.com_early_morning_frost_2_30 LuzPatterns.com_early_morning_frost_1_30 LuzPatterns.com_early_morning_frost_30Today it is just a bit warmer and wet, a proper London’s morning!. I will be updating you with my progress but for now I just want to wish you all a great start of the New Year.

Luz xx



The new year, my goals, my wishes and my hopes

Well this is it! the New Year is practically here! I love this time of the year, it is so good to look back at what you have achieved in life, it is kind of closing a chapter and start with a clean page, I love the fresh perspective that gives me, for the first time tho this year I have achieved a personal growth that somehow was not on my ‘plan’ or new year’s resolution last 31st of December! So in 2015 I actually wont start the year feeling like I have need to start from level zero in many aspects of my live!

We ALL want to be fitter and healthier, many of us slimmer too (that is definitely my case) throughout this year, I have learn that actually I do really enjoy exercise, I enjoy dancing Zumba three times a week and I have even tried Insanity and really enjoy it too!, I have taking a routine of running in the gym and having different weight workouts… I can now run 5K in 22.5 minutes! woooo hoooo! (I was not able to do that on my twenties so I am particularly pleased with that!). I even learn to love my body even though I haven’t loose the weight I wanted!, if anything I am heavier now!, actually this leads me nicely to the next point I wanted to talk about… food!, me, my partner, my kids, us as a family, nutrition and getting right!… No, I have not crack it yet!, I don’t have all the answers but I think I am on the right track, I love cooking and more importantly I love to know my family is eating healthy, I am not only feeding them, I am nurturing them… and as a reflexion I am nurturing myself and my partner!, one of my goals for the next year is to be able to up the number of vegetables we eat as a family, don’t get me wrong, we eat lots already! but I think we can do better, I hope I will be able to share some of the meals we eat with you.

My kids are now 7 and 5, I don’t have babies anymore! where has the time gone?, when I look at them I have such a mix feelings, I feel a bit sad that the early years seem to be flying past, at the same time, life is really busy and having 3 kids with such close ages, it seems we (Theo and I) are always firefighting!. They are a very lively bunch who enjoy lots of activities and are happy to discover what is next, my wish for the new year is for them to grow together, loving each other and respecting each other, my hope is that they grow to be well balanced compassionate people.

My partner has taking his fitness to another level altogether, he finished his first triathlon this October and is training for a few more coming up in the new year, he is feeling really good and happy and enjoy his new outlook in live, I wish he only goes from strength to strength and 2015 will be his best yet! I don’t doubt it for a second!

In a way I wish we have this tradition of giving thanks towards the end of the year, I know where it comes from historically but I feel it is such a great exercise to look back on your year and recognise all the great stuff that happened in our lives and to be thankful, at the same time to be more compassionate toward those with less luck.

From the point of view of the business, I am really pleased with what I have achieved this year, I would have loved to have released more knitting and sewing patterns but I have a very ambitions plan for the new year!, my goal is to make time to finished all the projects I have in the ‘to finished’ section of my mind!, I hope you like sewing because this year I am going to bring more sewing patterns, refashions and DIY projects, watch out for those!

Last but most important part of my business is an update on my crochet patterns and ideas, earlier this month I released my last two patterns of the year, a super cute start amigurumi doll, which was in my mind since I made the Star Halloween Costume

Amigurumi little star dolly 197 9Amigurumi little star dolly Amigurumi little star doll

And the very last of the year was the last minute Christmas gift fingerless gloves, such a great pattern to finish the year with a bang!

Super Chunky fingerless gloves 198 Super Chunky fingerless gloves 198 5 Super Chunky fingerless gloves 198 1


I wish you all the best for the New Year, I hope all your good wishes come true, and as my grandfather used to say “And I hope I will be well enough to see it!” :)

Lots of love

Luz xx

12 days of Christmas pattern sale, first up a new upcycling and crochet pattern!

Starting today every day I will have a 50% off of one pattern, 12 days 12 sales! first one a DIY and crochet cowl using upcycled fabric… read on to find out…

I am a great gift giver…  well I am passed the age where you feel embarrassed to admit that I am good at something!  I have always been very good at giving gifts, I think about the person who is receiving the present, what are they into?, what do they love most? what can I get that will be part of THAT thing that is closer to their heart?…

When I make or buy something for my kids I always imaging their little faces when they open the present…  I ask myself how can I incorporate what they love to what I do or make?, for instance, I want to make new cowl/ponchos for the the girls for this season, (not matter how many they have got from last winter!, I need to keep my fingers busy!). Eva, is into superheros, big time!… well in a way they all are! but when the girls turned 4 we got them Batgirl and Supergirl costumes, since then she is always dressing up Batgirl and you know what?, I don’t dislike it!, they are way too many princesses dresses in my house!. Batgirl upclycled fabric crochet cowl 1 Batgirl upclycled fabric crochet cowl 2

With that in mind, I had this top which someone gave a long time ago, I didn’t like it and I was really really not going to ever wear it! but the superheros print was very sweet, so I kept if at the bottom of my drawer for a long time!, I knew one day I will be doing something with it, well… here it is!, I cut the whole bottom and used it as the lining for a lacy crocheted cowl.


The AHA! moment came when I gave her one of my scarfs and she complained it was itchy… well that normally happens with pure wool!, even with merino wool they complained that is itchy!, I mostly don’t like working with 100% acrylic either when there are so many lovely (and cheap visit Drops!) natural fibers out there!. So I thought, what about putting this lovely ‘lining’ on this lovely cowl?, I am very happy with the result and I think she is too… even if she looks a bit moody in the pictures! :o)



As always you can find the pattern  Ravelry, Etsy and Craftsy shops.

Happy Gift Giving! xx