Pattern giveaway, win one of the 10 copies of the crochet glasses case

Hi all,

It has been a long time since I have done a giveaway so I thought of having a bit of fun with my newest pattern!

I bought this lovely fabric on the stitch and knit show last year, I loved the colours so much I had to buy it!, I am still to make something with it, but I adore looking at it, so much so that I have used it as my inspiration for the glasses case Aqua leaves glasses case 205 20 Aqua leaves glasses case 205 5 Aqua leaves glasses case 205 6 Aqua leaves glasses case 205 7

To enter for the giveaway you only need to do two things:

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  2. Comment on this post, say something nice, I don’t know maybe let me know what was the cutest thing your child said today, or what is your favourite cake flavour, or what is your pet’s favourite spot to lie down as you crochet, tell me something nice about you and your life, I can’t wait to hear about you!

I will choose 10 winners on Friday night 8pm (GMT) Good Luck!

Still! winter triangle crochet pattern

Yes STILL!, it seems to be taking forever!, I know I cannot complain too much as in many parts of the glove there has been lots of snow and a very mean winter… it is raining in London (like that is news!) and it is a very missable day… being from Tenerife I have learnt to really enjoy the sunny days you get here because they will not last!, I have to say tho if London had Tenerife’s weather… I would never got anything done! :)

Having said all of that, I kind of love London’s moody days, the days that you just want to sit by a window with a steamy hot coffee and just get on with work, I get quite inspired and since I cannot go for a walk I get productive! presenting: It-is-still-winter-shawl! White Winter triangle scarf 204 01 Continue reading

Free Pattern, little crochet coin purse photo tutorial

Hi all,

I have been wanting to make this photo tutorial for a long time, I wanted to show how easy is to make something really pretty and useful when you only starting to crochet, this cute crochet purse will make a great present for little girls, you will only need a few yards of each colour as well, so it is a great pattern for reducing your hidden stash! Free crochet purse pattern Free crochet purse pattern Free crochet purse pattern 01 Free crochet purse pattern 02

Materials and notions:

I used a few colours of Drops Design cotton light

I used a smaller hook only a F (3.5mm) to make the fabric denser so I won’t need it to line it.

a 4 inch zipper

tapestry needle

matching sewing thread and needle

three wooden beads


4 inches in diameter (10 cm)


ch = chain

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

Purse Pattern:

Pattern note: the first ch2 of the round counts as the first st. Make the following crochet granny twice.

Round 1: ch2 and make 8sc on the second ch from the hook, and join with sl st to the first st, on this picture below you can see I have already pull the next colour as I am doing the sl st, I makes the changing colours a bit neater. Free crochet purse pattern 1With Green

Round 2: ch2 and make 1hdc on the same st, make 2hdc on each st all around, join with a sl st. Free crochet purse pattern Free crochet purse pattern 3

Change to pink

Round 3: ch2, *make 2hdc on the next st, make 1hdc on the next, repeat from * till end of the round, join with a sl st.

Change to white

Round 4:  ch1 (does not count as first st) and make 1sc on the same st, make 1sc on the next st, *make 2sc on the next st, make 1sc on each of the next 2sts, repeat from * till end of the round. Join with a sl st. Free crochet purse pattern Free crochet purse pattern 5

Change to lighter pink

Round 5: ch2 and make 1hdc on each of the next 2sts, *make 2hdc on the next st, make 1hdc on each of the next 3sts, repeat from * till end of round, join with a sl st. Free crochet purse pattern 6

Change to green again

Round 6: ch2 and make 1hdc on each of the next 3sts, *make 2hdc on the next st, make 1hdc on each of the next 4sts, repeat from * till end of round, join with a sl st. Free crochet purse pattern 7

Change to a lighter shade of green

Round 7: ch2 and make 1hdc on each of the next 4sts, *make 2hdc on the next st, make 1hdc on each of the next 5sts, repeat from * till end of round, join with a sl st. Free crochet purse pattern 8

Change to the darker pink again

Round 8: ch2 and make 1hdc on each of the next 5sts, *make 2hdc on the next st, make 1hdc on each of the next 6sts, repeat from * till end of round, join with a sl st. Free crochet purse pattern 9 I stopped here but if you would like to make a bigger purse just add a few more rounds incrementing.

Once you have both parts of the purse, weave in any loose ends, using matching thread (do as I say not as I do!), start sewing the zipper, going around as you sew Free crochet purse pattern 10 Free crochet purse pattern 11

Do the same with the other side Free crochet purse pattern 12

Now, this is very important! OPEN YOUR ZIPPER!, seriously open it! otherwise you will have a closed purse and you won’t be able to turn it and put your monies in it!, You can now use either the sewing thread or matching yarn and tapestry needle to close the rest of the bag, turn the bag (see!) and you are done! Free crochet purse pattern 13

To make the zipper pull, fold a length of yarn and pass it through the zipper eye and make a knot, Free crochet purse pattern 14

Thread the needle and pass through the beads, make a big knot to she beads don’t come off and cut the yarn. Free crochet purse pattern 15

And you are done!, fancy having this pattern on your library? no problems! you can download the pdf on Raverly and Craftsy

Happy Valentines! get 20% off my shops!

Happy Valentines!, we had a lovely breakfast with chocolate pancakes! :)

Get 20% on Etsy and Ravelry with code “Valentine” enjoy it!

Will you be my Valentine-

Remaking hats for my kids, how fast are they growing???

One of the girls favourites hats is the bear ear warmer crochet bear hat, they both love it because it has this super cute paws and it’s super warm!. They have grown out it the very first one that I made, so Eva chose the next one to be pink, I added some sleepy eyes because I just cannot make the same thing twice! :)

Looking at the pictures I am shocked how fast the kids are growing! the original picture dates back to August 2011!, which means Eva was only two and half years old!, the pink hat picture was taken yesterday and she is almost 6!.

She has been talking about this hat for a long time so I decided to remake it for her, now Alba want one but in white again and Hector want one but with pockets in the scarf… I am always busy! :) By the way, see if you can see any improvements on my photography? :) bear hat 82


LuzPatterns.com_bear_hat_82_5_1_70 LuzPatterns.com_bear_hat_82_4_1_70 LuzPatterns.com_bear_hat_82_3_1_70 LuzPatterns.com_bear_hat_82_2_1_70I have updated the pattern to include the sleepy eyes, if you have already bought the pattern send me an email to fbpatterns (at) with your order number and I will resend you the new copy, I have updated Ravelry with the new version so you should get an update from there too. You can buy the pattern from Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, we are taking the kids to the theater for Valentines day and I will be making pancakes for breakfast tomorrow!… how does Valentines changed! :)

New boho crochet purse pattern… and a new collection of bags patterns

This week I released a new pattern, this one was a purse long overdue!, I love making handbags and I have made many patterns, but since the boho crochet bag, one of my girls has been asking for a bag for herself, every time I made one she always said: “with more beautiful colours!”, so I have worked hard and this is it she is very happy with it, I hope the girl you are making for is as happy as my little one! :)

Crochet_mandala_girls_bag_202_13_50Crochet_mandala_girls_bag_202_2_50Crochet mandala girls bag 202 10

You can find this lovely pattern for only $3 on Ravelry and Craftsy

Or… you can buy my three latest boho crochet purse patterns for only $10 on Etsy! but hurry offer ends soon! 3 crochet boho bags patterns for $10

I run it! 10K! The London Winter Run on the 1st of Feb!

Yep! we did it!, well Theo did it better than me!, he run it in 46 minutes! so proud of him!. I did it in 1:10 so I run the first 4k then I got really bored and kind of angry that he even signed me up!… then I walked for a bit, then I run for a bit, then I wanted to give up, then I didn’t want to give up… then I saw the 8k mark and I thought really? still? then I saw the 9k mark and there were three kids with their hands up trying to high five the runners, so I run to them and I high fived them! I smiled at them (and to myself), they were so happy that a runner came to them… then I run the last K… I haven’t felt such a high for a long time… did I feel proud of myself? well yes I guess so… what I felt tho was a rush to now ‘actually’ train for it! :)  There you go, you never know what you learn from yourself, I never thought I will take on running, but I think I am going to give it a go, the next one I will do it well under the hour!.. I will have to do less Zumba! :)

The run was in support of Cancer Research, please visit their site and donate, they are doing an amazing job!

I hope you are having a great healthy and accomplished start of the year! here is to the next run! Cheers!London winter run

I won the Designer Wars Challenge Week 3!… and two NEW patterns at 40% off for the weekend!

Yes!, I am very happy I won the Designer Wars Challenge week 3!, you can check out with the progress of the challenge here. My Kimono poncho pattern is on offer with a whopping 40% off until Feb the first!, to get the coupon here Final DWC week 3 kimono poncho chrochet patternAnd this week sees the released of another of my patterns! the knit look slouchy beanie hat!, I am particularly proud of this beanie as I playing with quite a few stitches to make this textured fabric, I think the knit look is very realistic! even if I say so myself!… what do you think?, you can ALSO get this new pattern for only $2.99! 40% off! no coupon needed! knit look slouchy beane 201_3_50I do love knitting but I am sooooo much faster crocheting! :) knit look slouchy beane 201_2_1_50 knit look slouchy beane 201_4_50


Designer Wars week 3 of 5, have you seen them?

Have you seen the designs this week on Designer Wars Challenge? take a pick at this week face off!

DW Medley stash logo


Which one is your favourite?, vote here for the chance to win a free copy!

Upcycled denim and crochet bag pattern giveaway! CLOSED!



Melani, Iratxe, Kris H, Michelle Wulf and Seema, Congratulations to all the winners, I will be sending you the pattern via email tomorrow morning! Thanks so much for all of you who shared and took part, you are all very good girls! :)



You can now buy the patterns, on Etsy and Ravelry

Hi all!

I have not done a giveaway for a long time so I thought it was time!, I am working on two completely different line of patterns, this new pattern is part of my new collection of colourful, stylish and practical crochet.

I have made this bag using a (very large) pair of old jeans and decorate it with crochet, the pattern will have a tone of pictures of how to cut and sew the bag as well as the crochet mandala at the front and how to decorate the handle. Upcycled denim and crochet bag 200 Upcycled denim and crochet bag 200 2 Upcycled denim and crochet bag 5

The pattern will be release early next week, fancy one of the 5 copies that I am giving away?, share this giveaway on your facebook, pinterest or any social media you like most and enter a comment on this post telling me you have been a good girl (boy) and that is it!, Giveaway closes Tuesday evening 8pm GMT

Thanks so much for your support and best luck!… READY… STEADY… GO!