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Easter crochet, easter bunny amigurumi pattern 206 Easter bunny crochet pattern 206 6 s

Good Morning all!

I don’t if you noticed the changes in my blog lately, I am working in bringing lots of changes including the shop to my website! which brings me to the issue of this blog post, easter bunny amigurumi pattern! check out this cutie… Easter bunny crochet pattern 206 12 Easter bunny crochet pattern 206 6

He is 12 inches tall and likes to go easter egg hunting, when he is not playing with kids he loves to just sit down in their bed waiting for bedtime so he can have a cuddle with his favourite person in the world!

The Easter bunny amigurumi pattern is the very first pattern in my shop! I will be away next week but I promised I will be updating the shop with all my items.

I wish you all a love Easter break!

Luz xx


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Crochet with beads and pearls… the options are endless!

I have been wanting to make some crochet jewellery for some time, I started with pearls and beads and played with the idea of ‘soft jewellery’, I have not finished any designs myself, (the creative process can be very frustrating sometimes!) but I thought of sharing with you some of the artists who are making quite remarkable pieces!

First one designer I have followed for a long time! Margot and me is a German designer making the most amazing crocheted necklaces and other pieces

Blogged at crochet necklace by margot and me

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Spring summer bags collection Volume 1 Spring_bag_collection_v1

Okay, I have a few comments complaining that this is a crochet blog and I should be talking only about crochet… well, I am very passionate about many things, crochet is a big part of my life (and this blog) but  I will talk about my other passions too.

Now if you are here for the crochet then boy do I have a treat for you!, I decided to compile my newest crochet purse and pouch patterns on this Spring and Summer crochet bags collection! first volume contains 4 of your favourite patterns in just one ebook!

The best thing of this? it is only $10!!! Get it on Etsy and Craftsy Spring_bag_collection_v1

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Is this being fitter?

zumba tm

At the end of last year I wrote a piece about my wishes and hopes for this year, on that post I wrote about what is it that I wanted to achieved this year, one of the things listed there was getting fitter and healthier. Okay today I went to the Hospital to get some tests done, I have not been feeling well for almost a month and half, the doctor suspected pneumonia and he sent me to get my heart checked (ECG), a chest X-ray, some blood test… I have finished my treatment now I am feeling a lot better but what shocked me was the result of my ECG, it turns out I have a resting heart rate of 50 bmp, I will be 45 next week so with all the training, dancing, gym going and healthy eating this resting heart rate puts me into the athlete category!… who?… me?

I have still to go back to the doctors and check all the results, the radiographer saw the dark cloud over my head and with my results in her hand she put her hand on my shoulder and said: “don’t worry you are all right”!. I am feeling really positive about the future, I have never felt this strong in my live!, nor have I ever enjoy working out in the gym so much!, I just wish I could talk to my 25-year-old-self and tell me to get on with it!, to enjoy the getting sweaty, breathless and red faced… and enjoy the adrenaline, and love the feeling after a great workout, and even love the muscle soreness the following day as it is all part of the same journey!

I want to share with you what we all do as a family to keep us all healthy and strong, if you are on my side of forty and have never really done much exercise I just wanted to inspire you, don’t think you have to ‘get old’ and assumed all those pains and aches are part of getting old, I didn’t!… I don’t! yes, of course we are chronologically getting older and thank God for that! think about the alternative… it is ‘not’ be 45, not reaching there! I want to be older, I want to live all the years that belong to me but I want to enjoy them, proper live them!

I promise to allow sometime to talk to you about our routines and how we exercise as a family and how we eat, for now I just wanted to share this video zumba as it was dancing that got me moving!

Check out their official website zumba

I wish you a very happy and healthy weekend!

Luz xx

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Frozen inspired olive oil birthday cakes (Yes we are still stuck in Frozen!)

Happy Monday all!

My girls birthday party was this last Saturday, I cannot believe they are 6!, it is a bit sad that I definitely don’t have babies anymore!

Anyway, they wanted a Frozen party, yes! again! I cannot wait for Disney to come up with something else! please do!. They were all dressed up like Elsa (again), with the dresses I made last year!, these dresses have been to soooooo many Frozen (and not Frozen related parties!), they have even been in a party with bouncy castles and trampolines! seriously they have been the £5.75 most bestest expend in my kids EVER! I made these dresses and I wrote a tutorial.

I made these cakes for them, they were delicious! not seriously! really good!, I am not the best baker so I was soooo happy with them!, they were 17 kids, so there was a lot of cake left… they were… sadly done by last night!

LuzPatterns birthday cake olive oil frozen themed 3 LuzPatterns birthday cake olive oil frozen themed

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Pattern giveaway, win one of the 10 copies of the crochet glasses case -CLOSED UPDATE Aqua leaves glasses case 205 5


Since there weren’t many comments everyone who commented gets a copy! Have fun!

Hi all,

It has been a long time since I have done a giveaway so I thought of having a bit of fun with my newest pattern!

I bought this lovely fabric on the stitch and knit show last year, I loved the colours so much I had to buy it!, I am still to make something with it, but I adore looking at it, so much so that I have used it as my inspiration for the glasses case Aqua leaves glasses case 205 20


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Still! winter triangle crochet pattern

Yes STILL!, it seems to be taking forever!, I know I cannot complain too much as in many parts of the glove there has been lots of snow and a very mean winter… it is raining in London (like that is news!) and it is a very missable day… being from Tenerife I have learnt to really enjoy the sunny days you get here because they will not last!, I have to say tho if London had Tenerife’s weather… I would never got anything done! :)

Having said all of that, I kind of love London’s moody days, the days that you just want to sit by a window with a steamy hot coffee and just get on with work, I get quite inspired and since I cannot go for a walk I get productive! presenting: It-is-still-winter-shawl! White Winter triangle scarf 204 01 Continue reading

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Free Pattern, little crochet coin purse photo tutorial Free crochet purse pattern

Hi all,

I have been wanting to make this photo tutorial for a long time, I wanted to show how easy is to make something really pretty and useful when you only starting to crochet, this cute crochet purse will make a great present for little girls, you will only need a few yards of each colour as well, so it is a great pattern for reducing your hidden stash! Free crochet purse pattern Free crochet purse pattern Free crochet purse pattern 01 Free crochet purse pattern 02

Materials and notions:

I used a few colours of Drops Design cotton light

I used a smaller hook only a F (3.5mm) to make the fabric denser so I won’t need it to line it.

a 4 inch zipper

tapestry needle

matching sewing thread and needle

three wooden beads


4 inches in diameter (10 cm)


ch = chain

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

Purse Pattern:

Pattern note: the first ch2 of the round counts as the first st. Make the following crochet granny twice.

Round 1: ch2 and make 8sc on the second ch from the hook, and join with sl st to the first st, on this picture below you can see I have already pull the next colour as I am doing the sl st, I makes the changing colours a bit neater. Free crochet purse pattern 1With Green

Round 2: ch2 and make 1hdc on the same st, make 2hdc on each st all around, join with a sl st. Free crochet purse pattern Free crochet purse pattern 3

Change to pink

Round 3: ch2, *make 2hdc on the next st, make 1hdc on the next, repeat from * till end of the round, join with a sl st.

Change to white

Round 4:  ch1 (does not count as first st) and make 1sc on the same st, make 1sc on the next st, *make 2sc on the next st, make 1sc on each of the next 2sts, repeat from * till end of the round. Join with a sl st. Free crochet purse pattern Free crochet purse pattern 5

Change to lighter pink

Round 5: ch2 and make 1hdc on each of the next 2sts, *make 2hdc on the next st, make 1hdc on each of the next 3sts, repeat from * till end of round, join with a sl st. Free crochet purse pattern 6

Change to green again

Round 6: ch2 and make 1hdc on each of the next 3sts, *make 2hdc on the next st, make 1hdc on each of the next 4sts, repeat from * till end of round, join with a sl st. Free crochet purse pattern 7

Change to a lighter shade of green

Round 7: ch2 and make 1hdc on each of the next 4sts, *make 2hdc on the next st, make 1hdc on each of the next 5sts, repeat from * till end of round, join with a sl st. Free crochet purse pattern 8

Change to the darker pink again

Round 8: ch2 and make 1hdc on each of the next 5sts, *make 2hdc on the next st, make 1hdc on each of the next 6sts, repeat from * till end of round, join with a sl st. Free crochet purse pattern 9 I stopped here but if you would like to make a bigger purse just add a few more rounds incrementing.

Once you have both parts of the purse, weave in any loose ends, using matching thread (do as I say not as I do!), start sewing the zipper, going around as you sew Free crochet purse pattern 10 Free crochet purse pattern 11

Do the same with the other side Free crochet purse pattern 12

Now, this is very important! OPEN YOUR ZIPPER!, seriously open it! otherwise you will have a closed purse and you won’t be able to turn it and put your monies in it!, You can now use either the sewing thread or matching yarn and tapestry needle to close the rest of the bag, turn the bag (see!) and you are done! Free crochet purse pattern 13

To make the zipper pull, fold a length of yarn and pass it through the zipper eye and make a knot, Free crochet purse pattern 14

Thread the needle and pass through the beads, make a big knot to she beads don’t come off and cut the yarn. Free crochet purse pattern 15

And you are done!, fancy having this pattern on your library? no problems! you can download the pdf on Raverly and Craftsy

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