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4 protein rich plant based breakfast, family edition!

4 protein rich plant based breakfast, family edition!

Protein rich plant based breakfast, A while back my partner and I decided to try going vegan for a month, after the time finished we both were feeling so much better and full of energy than we decided we were going to read lots about it and keep it going. We eat considerably more food than when we were eating the standard diet, for him it has been amazing, lost quite a bit of weight (not that he needed it!) and his skin looks amazing, most people are surprised to hear his age, he looks about 10 years younger!. For me it has been different, I haven’t really lose that much weight, (did I mentioned I like eating?), but I feel all the benefits of eating healthier much cleaner diet, again my skin looks and feels amazing and I do look a lot younger than my 46 years of age (even if I say so myself! 🙂

But! this post is called 4 protein rich plant based breakfast… so in we go! (secretly this is a great way for me to keep all those notes off my head and into ‘paper’ so I know what my food plan for the next week is!)

Oats with fruits and maple syrup

This is my own making, we do this at home with different fruits a lot!. Oats and fruit with maple syrup, self explanatory and very very delicious! (my favourite!)

7 protein rich plant based breakfast, family edition!

Salted caramel cookie dough smoothie

This beauty is from,  I think the keywords here are caramel and cookie for my kids!, you can find the recipe here

salted caramel cookie dough smoothie

Chia Pudding with grain free granola

Well, if I felt like a queen before… recipe by half baked harvest

Chia Pudding with Grain Free Granola.

Chocolate Hemp Milk Custard

I have been following Brendan Brazier for a while, this have two of my favourite things, avocados and chocolate!

Chocolate Hemp Milk Custard 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars Chocolate Hemp Milk Custard

Haven said all of this, I must admit sometimes it is a struggle to cook for the five of us, my kids were brought up eating everything, and I mean everything! I am from Spain, we eat in Spain like the English and Germans drink!. So my kids love to eat fish and meat, I have not stopped them from eating what they like but at home they eat vegan, mostly it is hard work as it is!, I guess for many plant based families this is an abomination and for many mainstream families it is an extreme way or raising your children, for us it works!, I love seeing my kids helping themselves to pieces of fruit from the fruit bowl when hungry or asking for ‘white nuts’ (cashew nuts) to snack on… still if/when they see the ice cream van (and it is not just before lunch!) they know they can have one, I think going with the flow and making sure there is plenty of wholesome foods in their bellies is probably the right thing to do for us.

Have a great weekend!

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New boho summer shrug, and three patterns for only $10!

Hi all,

Summer doesn’t seem to want to come to London!, it has been really wet and quite cold, so the best thing is to put some layers in!, the new boho summer wrap is at the ready! Summer boho shrug crochet pattern

Getting ready for summer is all about dresses for me, and so the shrug is my preferred cover up, I love scarves but the shrug is easy to wear with everything and gives a very boho but somehow stylish finish to the outfit, it is the one for me!. The kimono style sleeves give this summer cardigan crochet pattern a very relaxed look.

It is very easy and fast to make!, only a couple of sittings should be enough, maybe a perfect weekend project?

Summer slouchy shrug - 1 (4)

My favourite part is the back, it ‘hugs’ you really nicely! 🙂

Summer slouchy shrug - 1 (1)

I normally work with solid colour yarn, but I think this wrap is perfect for a self stripy type of yarn, choose a neutral colour and it will go with any colour dresses or tops!

Summer slouchy shrug - 1

You can find the pattern in all my of my shops, Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy. If you fancy making more than one this summer, get 3 patterns for only $10 on my Etsy shop!

3 wraps for $10

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Market shopper crochet bag

Market shopper crochet bag

Market shopper crochet bag

Who wouldn’t want to go to the market with this super cute boho shopper bag?!, I have made many bags in my design career but this one has stolen my heart!, I worked over 3 weeks on it! I did and undid plenty of times until I figure out what I wanted it to look like, I am now very happy with the result!. The Hemp twine reminds me of those Saturday morning going to the market with my grandfather, he was disabled so I had to carry the bag for him, it was very much this shape, I added the colour cotton yarn because I really wanted a boho style to it. This bag is easy to make, and it works up fast! happy farmer’s market! 🙂

market shopper crochet bag

This market shopper crochet bag pattern is easy to make and the materials are quite affordable, I got a big ball of hemp twine from the garden center, I would say it is more or less the same size as the worsted cotton I used for the colours, this way it is quite simple to make it. I call it shopper bag but that doesn’t mean you cannot use it for the beach or to carry your book to the coffee shop for a lazy Sunday morning brunch!

You can find the pattern on all my shops, fancy getting a free pattern when you buy this one?, visit Ravelry give it a heart (add to favourites), once you buy the pattern use the coupon ‘onefree’ to get any of my single patterns for free!

 The market shopper is also on my Etsy and Craftsy shops. If you fancy making this type of boho bags, I have few more patterns on my shops, check them out here

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Spring layer up pullover

Spring layer up pullover crochet pattern

spring layer pullover crochet pattern

I like to wear layers, this crochet pullover pattern is my answer to the spring in London, spring in the city is a messy affair, it can get quite cold, sunny and mostly rainy!, you kind of have to prepare for any type of weather!, layering up is my way of coping with the weather, I like to wear this crochet pullover… well over my dresses, it makes the outfit look new!

spring layer pullover crochet pattern

Get the pattern for only $3!

This pattern uses a limited number of stitches, it is seamless and it is worked from the top down, I have written only one size S/M but I give instructions of how to make it larger or smaller.

I used two types of yarn a worsted weight yarn (aran) and a light worsted weight one (dk), with a H hook (5mm), the pullover is meant to be oversize for maximum comfort.

I made the sample and wrote the pattern on a weekend, so I would say it will take a couple of sittings, or a couple of movies in my case!, to finnish it!, have something to do this weekend?, fancy making it? well you can get it now for only $3 on Ravelry and Craftsy!

Spring layer up pullover

I have a few new projects coming up in the next weeks, I will be releasing three new knitting patterns very soon and three new crochet patterns too!, I have decided to reward all the people that follow me via email, so if you are interested in getting a really good deal on all of these new patterns sign up here for my newsletter


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It’s my birthday! you get 46% off! (guess how old am I? :)

It’s my birthday! you get 46% off!, guess how old am I? 46% off discount

Hi lovelies!

Every year I do the same thing, you get the discount according to my age! getting older so getting a bigger discount! this year is 46% off all my patterns on Etsy and Ravelry, enter code “birthday”, on both shops to get your discount!

Offer runs all the weekend! 19th and 20th of March!

Happy Crocheting and Knitting!

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New loop cowl crochet pattern

loop crochet pattern

I have been working on this new loop cowl crochet pattern for a while now, lately I seem to be working in a few things at the same time, I changed the stitching for this cowl pattern a few times! I wanted to be very structural almost architectural.

One of my favourite things about crochet is the fact that you can do so many textures, I think I would have prefer it to be a bit more bulky, maybe I will be making it in a much bulkier yarn next time!

New loop cowl crochet pattern

I am happy with the results tho, I think it looks very different for other cowls I have made, I like the fact that it is very snug in the neck, and if you choose your yarn appropriately this could become the best handmade piece you ever made!

New loop cowl crochet pattern

As always you can find it in all my shops, Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! crochet you later!

Luz xx

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Natcromo offer buy 3 bags pattern get 1 free!

Natcromo offer buy 3 bags pattern get 1 free!

Natcromo offer buy 3 bags pattern get 1 free!

Good Morning all!

To celebrate Natcromo (National crochet month), I am offering a great deal all month!. Simply visit my Ravelry shop and add 4 of my bags patterns on your shopping cart, you will automatically get an extra pattern for free!

Today I am a very lucky crochet designer! I have been featured in Crochetville, one of the most influential crochet websites online!

Amy and Donna, the lovely ladies who run the site, have been kind enough to include my brand within their NATCROMO blog tour. I am very honored to be among these designers!. The blog tour includes some of the best in the industry, make sure you visit this month for a good pick on what is going on in the beautiful world or crochet!

Natcromo offer buy 3 bags pattern get 1 free!

Some of my bags patterns are for very beginners, you can make the shopper’s (second row fourth picture) or a very stylish messenger bag (second row, second bag), or if you really want a bit of a challenge you could do the boho bag (third row, second bag). Whatever you decide to make I hope you enjoy the National Crochet Month! I particularly think is crochet month should be every month!

Best Wishes



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DIY upcycled leather tote bag pattern

DIY upcycled leather tote bag pattern

DIY upcycled leather tote bag pattern

A while back, I made diy upcycled leather tote out of a leather coat. I have been contacted quite a few times over this project, quite a few of my blog followers wanted to make something similar, but the common thread was that the project was a bit complicated for some sewers.

Most people love the idea of turning an old coat into something useful so I decided to make this tote. The design is quite simple but with the addition of the leather makes the bag a total different item, this is a more modern urban bag.

DIY upcycled leather tote bag pattern

Wearing this diy leather tote is a fashion statement!, for most part I don’t follow fashion as I used to, I am getting older and I now know what I like and what I don’t, I don’t need anyone else telling me what is it.

This is the reason I like this tote, it is so practical, fashionable, really good looking and fashion conscious, also who says DIY pieces are not upto the standard of shop bought stuff?, I ruled my life by the moto: “you are as good as what you make”, that goes for everything, food, diy, crocheting, sewing, motherhood, friendships… if you put the effort into it then it better be worth it!

DIY upcycled leather tote bag pattern

When it comes to put things together, I quite like to have fun!, who says you cannot have a lace printed cotton fabric for the lining?
DIY upcycled leather tote bag pattern

This is already my favourite bag! you can see it in this picture but in real live she is on my shoulder!, you can buy the sewing pattern from my Etsy shop and Craftsy shops, I wish I could list it on Ravelry but there was yarn business in the making of this bag! 🙂

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DIY cozy knitted blanket

Big knitted blanket - 1 (4)

Hello all, I wanted to share this diy knitted blanket I have worked on over Christmas, there was a lot of watching movies so I sneaked a bit (or a lot!) of knitting whilst watching!

A long time ago I bought an assorted pack of yarn from Yeoman yarns, it it there was a couple of different colours of red, blues, and creams wool, I didn’t really know what to do them and so there were in a big box unopened

Big knitted blanket - 1 (5)

I always think the when the inspiration strikes I will be ready! As I said over Christmas there was a lot of hanging around eating and being merry so when I opened the box I was delighted to see what was inside!, I used up three full cones of yarn!, plus a few skeins of wool that were hanging around, this is now my favourite piece of textile that I have made, it is not fancy, it is not even that clever but you know what it is?

Big knitted blanket - 1 (3)


Big knitted blanket - 1

Hello 🙂Big knitted blanket - 1 (1)

This is how I work in my living room!, the kids are allowed under it when there is no eating or drinking around it!, I just loved knitting this blanket, there was just knitting and purling and adding the colours as I pleased, mindless and calming… I have not got into the colouring books for adults so this is my version of ‘just keeping my mind busy’

I hope you enjoy this post, if you do please leave a comment below telling me what is it that you do just to keep your mind busy/calm?

Have a great day! even if it is raining outside… there is always a knitting/crocheting/sewing/cooking lovely thing to do! 🙂

Luz xx

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Healthy food at home

Beetroot soupI have been posting on instagram the food that we eat at home. Healthy for most part and vegan for most part too, my kids eat anything but me and my partner have decided to give vegan food a go, and I must say it has been quite delicious!.

This little post is meant to serve you as inspiration if you want to start eating a bit more healthy but don’t know where to start, I found the above beetroot soup the most satisfying yet!
Black bean curry - 1

About the Black bean curry above my 8 year old son said: “This is actually really good!” it had so much spinach and sweet garden peas, I can see why he liked it!breakfast - 1Above is my morning starter, I cannot function without a big warm fruity bowl of porridge and fruits, every day might change, sometimes is berries, sometimes is bananas… whatever is on the fruit bowl!

lentils and spinach lunch - 1

Lentils with hummus and baby corn, a very satisfying lunch!, sometimes I am really hungry at lunch! so this is what goes down!

muffins - 1

For after school, I baked some banana muffins, probably the only way my son eats bananas! the girls eats them as pudding but Hector does not like them!, ate 2 muffins tho… 🙂

yellow split peas musrhooms - 1

Mushrooms and yellow split peas, this really excites me! really does!, I can eat mushrooms all day, seriously! specially when pan fry with herbs!

Anyway, if you are interested in the recipes leave a comment and I will try my best to upload them here!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget my crochet pattern giveaway this weekend!

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