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DIY fall wrap/sweater crochet pattern Wrap:cardigan crochet pattern

This crochet pattern is very versatile! you can DIY it to make it into a crochet sweater with two extra stitches! or just wear it as a crochet wrap or shawl.

I have been working on a few new crochet patterns, this fall wrap/shawl come to cardigan pattern is my very latest! I love this piece so much I cannot wait for the cold weather!, the pattern comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large and you can always just adapt the pattern to fit your preference!. It also includes pictures to show how to do the cable stitch.

The pattern is on presale on my Ravelry shop, you can also find it on my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

Happy Crocheting!

Luz xx

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Food! … eating vegan cupcakes! vegan cupcakes with sprinkles vegan cupcakes with sprinkles

We have been thinking about vegan food, plant based food for a bit now. Theo my partner, is training for Triathlons and as a result we have been reading lots about nutrition and it seems that plant based is the way forward, I am still researching this lifestyle and trying some of the most amazing foods the plant based has to offer!, I am feeling very inspired when cooking again so I am really loving it!, in this post I am just showing you some of the beautiful food we have been enjoying recently…

It was my boy’s 8th birthday celebration a couple of weekends ago, and I baked 48 chocolate cupcakes!  yes! 48! I made them vegan… why? cos they were amazing! most kids helped themselves to an extra cupcake… that normally does not happen! vegan cupcakes with sprinkles 1 chocolate biscuits with sprinkles 1

There was a bunch of sprinkles left, so we decided to decorate some chocolate biscuits! (these disappeared pretty quickly!).

Anyway, let me know in the comments if you are interested in the recipe for the cupcakes and I will include it.

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New pattern Boho Spring bolero crochet pattern Boho pink spring bolero crochet pattern

New crochet pattern! Boho Spring Bolero crochet pattern!

This shrug pattern is ideal for the spring/summer season, this bolero is a great way of using up any ends of yarns from your stash! A very colourful boho cardigan for toddlers and little girls, a unique pattern you must have in your library!. This crochet pattern will explained how to crochet this top down shrug making it in one piece seamless for a much neater finished. I am very excited with this pattern!, I designed as part of Design Wars, my crochet shrug pattern lost but I am still very proud of it! :)

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Tutorial: DIY refashion shirt into sundress! DIY tutorial refshion shirt into sundress DIY tutorial refshion shirt into sundress

This DIY refashion doesn’t need much introduction, the little girls sundress made out of dad’s shirt is not a new concept, but I wanted to do my own version, I have refashioned leather coats into bags and I have made bags out of denim, but I wanted to make sundresses with the pile of old shirts I have at the back of our wardrobe!

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New and easy photo tutorial baby crochet patterns

I have been working on a few easy baby crochet patterns at the moment, two of them a photo tutorial for baby booties crochet pattern and a easy sun hat crochet pattern I have just released, but I worked on another two easy and very colourful crochet patterns for a collaboration I cannot talk about yet! :)

The ones I can talk about are my new spring summer patterns, I am very pleased with these designs, I work in a few things at the time, only because I have a very busy mind, it needs mess to thrive! So here are the products of this little madness

I released this sun hat last week, I love how it turned out to be, the yarn is just a pleasure to work with, I love cotton! so soft! and it is just in time for all those picnics we are going over the weekends! You can find the pattern here on my blog for only $3 , the pattern is on all my other shops as well Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy Spring sunhats 211 8

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Semi Annual Sale!

Hello all!

Great news! I have teamed up with a lot of great designers for a Semi Annual Sale on Ravelry! There are patterns for all type of crocheters and all type of skills! No coupon code needed either! The sale starts today 8th of May and runs until the 11th of May! Happy Crocheting!

Get 40% off when you buy 1 pattern, 45% off when you buy 2 patterns, 50% off when you buy 5 patterns and get 60% when you buy 10 patterns! Semi-Annual Sales Event upto 70% off! Semi-Annual Sale
Get from 40% off when you buy 1 pattern to 60% off when you buy 10 patterns!


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Vegetable and kids, eating healthy stir fry how to get kids to eat vegetables 1
Getting kids to eat vegetables how to get kids to eat vegetables
Modestly growing some lovely cherry tomatoes in the kitchen window

I am trying very hard to feed my kids healthy meals, vegetables are very important part of any healthy eating plan and I have tried many ways to put them in their plates, now I am going for a different approach.

My son loves running, he has been running since his little legs touched the floor… and it is fair to say he hasn’t stopped yet! he loves running so much that last year he started training with an athletic group running locally to us on Saturdays. We heard that some of the teenages being coached there are team GB!, which doesn’t only impressed my son I must admit!, there is also a senior champion running there, he is the European champion and over 70 years old he is amazing! still gives me the chills when I see him sprinting!

Anyway last Saturday my son through the vortex 11.5 meters (around 12.5 yards), this on its own is impressive but when I heard from my partner that the rest of the class was doing 5.5 meters and 6 meters I was blown away!… I took NO time to tell him that he was so good because all the lovely vegetables he is eating!… I do this quite a bit!, he is not very friendly with the green kind, so any opportunity to make them look good I take it! and guess what! he (and his sisters) were piling on the cauliflower on their plates, saying how much they loved the “white trees”, my little heart was doing somersaults!

I always wanted to cook only one dish a day for my family, the kids eat what we eat, we might add chilli flakes or some kind of hot sauce to our own plates but everyone eats the same, as a result we can take our kids to any restaurant and I know there will food for them to eat! it doesn’t worry me… we still have some tantrums now and then but I found that if they are really really hungry they will eat anything! :) evil I know! hey! a mum gotta do what a mum gotta do!

Today I cooked a stir fry, the plan here is to add a bunch of vegetables cooking stir fry vegetables
Stir fry vegetables

And add some protein, I had some smoked mackerel, as it was cooking he said: “smells lovely”, This is the result, have yourselves a lovely evening cooking stir fry vegetables with makerel cooking stir fry vegetables with mackerel

Luz xx

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Spring is here and I am really feeling like making sun dresses!

I always loved Spring, it is my season!, I was born on the very first day of Spring and I think that set my inner clock. This easter was great, we went skiing with the kids, I love spring skiing for most part the sky is blue, it isn’t that cold and you get beautiful days out in the mountain… I must admit I feel a bit sad being back… fabric and yarn crochet dress inspiration

Anyway, I need to shake it off because coming back to London the gardens are in full bloom and there is colour everywhere!, I love the blossoms at this time of the year, it is so beautiful to see the trees waking up from a long sleep, there is a new beggining kind of feeling in the air and I am drinking it all in!

So with this new refreshed spirit I have turn back to my fabric stash, (seriously how much fabric, yarn and craft magazine can one have?, not really!… I am actually asking!, I just don’t know how much there is!). I have accumulated quite a decent amount over the past few years, I buy fabric and yarn anytime we travel or whenever I heard a new shop has opened. I bought this lovely owl print cotton in Stof2000 in Copenhagen over a year ago, the shop assistant was amazing and she gave me so many little presents, at the end she even let me have some of the fabric for free as I spend so much there!. When I bought this fabric I knew exactly what I was going to do with it, a crochet and fabric sun dress of course… I had so many of this type of dresses growing up in Tenerife,  I do feel very nostalgic about them, I thought they were very special when I wore them… I hope my girls feel that too.

I am planning to make the bodice with this lovely cotton from Drops, actually!, I just realized this dress is going to be a very scandinavian affair! Keep your eyes peeled the dress and pattern coming up soon!

Have yourself a little lovely afternoon!

Luz xx

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Easter crochet, easter bunny amigurumi pattern 206 Easter bunny crochet pattern 206 6 s

Good Morning all!

I don’t if you noticed the changes in my blog lately, I am working in bringing lots of changes including the shop to my website! which brings me to the issue of this blog post, easter bunny amigurumi pattern! check out this cutie… Easter bunny crochet pattern 206 12 Easter bunny crochet pattern 206 6

He is 12 inches tall and likes to go easter egg hunting, when he is not playing with kids he loves to just sit down in their bed waiting for bedtime so he can have a cuddle with his favourite person in the world!

The Easter bunny amigurumi pattern is the very first pattern in my shop! I will be away next week but I promised I will be updating the shop with all my items.

I wish you all a love Easter break!

Luz xx


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