Hi there, some of you have been askig me how to do some of the stitches and some of the tecniques, so I thought I will post free tutorials here!. My first tutorial is learning how to work in a continuos row, here is it:
To start ch2 and insert the hook on the second chain from the hook.
you then make 4sc (single crochets) in that space.
That will be the end of row 1, you then insert the hook on the first sc you made.
And start making the next row, so make 2sc in each st, by the end of the row you should have 8sts
That is the end of row 3, if you carry on increasing now this is how your row 4 would look like
If you want to make a 3D object you might want to stop increasing now and this shape you start looking like a cone, I hope this helps! Till next tutorial!