crochet patterns

Well this is my new pattern, it kind of came to be quite differently to how I come up with my designs, normally I see a need in my household, the kids need hats, or a new scarf or they have been asking for a new toy… This time around my friend Erena’s birthday was coming up, I really wanted to make something for her but I wasn’t sure what, then I asked what was her favorite colour, ‘green’ she said, I found this lovely autumnal green on my stash and suddenly I knew what I was to make!
Erena's beret 154 0

The beret is very simple to make with an interesting new stitch for your library!

I love the texture!, it is so simple and at the same time makes the fabric look so different to your ‘normal’ crochet hats!
Everyone in my family is kind of getting used to be my model. Here I am really trying to keep a straight face but it is very difficult when your better half is giggling behind the camera!

Erena's beret 154

Anyway, I am very proud with this little number, and I am very happy to give it as a present!

Erena's beret 154 2

If you want to make this beautiful crochet beret as a present or even for yourself here is the pattern