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Hi all, I know I do post quite about myself only here but I do get inspired and sometimes totally taken by the stunning designs out there on the web!, I decided to collect a few of my favourite things here today. For my first collection of lovely things made by others I had to go with bags! I hope you enjoy them!

The first one is by Judith Hernandez, sometimes the simplest things are the most classy!… and she is from Tenerife just like myself! (miss it!)

necesercartera_de_mano_de_gan-558511This second one is from lanusa. Check out her blog, there are so many gorgeous goodies there!

lanusaThe next one is part of workshop from sacoharte


I just realized I quite like the frame purses! another one from adoraideas

bolsito-ganchillo-boquilla-adoraideasEl solecito makes this simple and divine one!

al solecitoFrom hooked this metal super modern purse!

stella-1(1)And I know this is not just a crochet bag, but I have been following bagness for quite a long time she makes upcycling look good!

bagnessI hope you enjoy this little collection of gems!, and if you do please share the love. Hasta la proxima!


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