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Hello my lovelies, I have been for quite a long time now researching the web for crochet christmas decorations and I am totally amazed by the good work of my fellow crocheters!. I thought I will share some of my favourites with you, first of them all must be the Crochet Christmas tree!. Now… I know what you are thinking, crochet Christmas Trees… isn’t that… well… a bit… tacky?… No it is not! Let me demonstrate, please coming in, sit down, tea? coffee?…

First up, a super beautiful colourful tutorial from little woolie love love love the colours the layers the creativity… amazing work!

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Getting a bit more traditional is this little number by  All So Cute


I must admit, I am all for a winter wonderland! these are from


This next one is a pattern written in Spanish but with plenty of pictures! by patrones para crochet. Love the second one with the snowy tips!

patrones para crochet

Getting a bit more amigurumi toy than Christmas decoration is this cutie is by FancyKnittles

blue christmas tree

With a little silver star at the top this is an adorable tutorial by Swedish designer bautawich  (you can always use google translate) love the companion!

Next is another pattern by another fellow spaniard Mary Martin Love the little buttons she stitched to it!

crochet christmas tree 3412 a

You might have seen the cocodrile stitch all over the net! Christmas trees were going to get it! by the crochet crowd

the crochet crowd

A classic pearls one by craft – craft love this picture, it kind of sums up the whole process!

craft craft

And finally I really really love this one!, I think it is possibly the most literal translation of a Christmas tree into crochet! by crochet toys


  1. all of them are really beautiful. It is quite difficult for me to choose one. I love all of them thank you a lot

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