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Thank to all of you who took part on this giveaway! Just visited and here are the winners:



Andย Amy Mason


Hello again my lovelies!, I wanted to do something nice today for you all, call it an early Christmas present!, I would love to give 3 FREE PATTERNS ย to three of you!, so please comment on this blog post and share the love on Pinterest, Facebook… I will be picking up the winners on this Friday the 13th at 8pm GMT. Best Luck to you all! and thanks so much for all your support!Slouchy hat:cowl


  1. Hi!
    Your cowl/hat is wonderful! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would love to win and get the pattern to make it happen!

    Sorry for my english…: )))))))

  2. You do so much for the crocheters by designing patterns that are up to date fashion! Good Job! It seems like you have a lot of fun with it too.

  3. This pattern is so beautiful, I am so excited to make this. Wouls super love to win it (lol, who wouldn’t right) but will for sure buy it if I don’t!!

  4. What a brilliant idea, a hat or a cowl, you patterns are always so imaginative. I would love to win this one, I think your patterns are very easy to follow. Would love to win this one.

  5. This (any many of your other patterns) is a wonderful piece. I’d love to make one, as at this point in my life I’m starting to have hot and cold flashes and think the hat to scarf piece would come in quite handy… :)…Sometimes I need to keep the heat in and sometimes I need desperately to let it out!

  6. Lovely modern designs and the patterns are all very easy to follow. Have recently ditched knitting after about 6 years, for crochet, primarily because of all these wonderful designs. Now the problem is affording all the yarn!

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