At the beginning of the year we all think about many aspects of our lives that we want to improve, you know those areas that we are not that happy about, for me there are many but instead of going for the classic old fashion New Year’s resolution I went for a very early spring cleaning! yes!.

I felt as all the wardrobes in the house are packed full with old, faded colour, misshapen clothes! Every time I did the laundry I looked at some of the kids school clothes (mostly everything in their closet!) and hated seeing the same pieces over and over again!. The kids, and even ourselves, get attached to some of these old pieces that, to be honest could do with a round to a charity trip or to the textile recycle center!, so that is what we did!.

Taking advantage of the sales I revamped the kids clothes and my own!. The kids was kind of easy, took the girls to a massive H&M whilst Theo (my better half) took my boy bowling, he loved it!…

The girls looked like butterflies hooping from rail to rail!, they had only 3 rules, they were not allowed to pick any jackets, costumes or shoes, for the rest they went mad! I was just a mare clothes hanger as they went through the whole shop picking dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms, socks, hair bands… well everything! they even visited the baby section! ‘Mummy, is this too small for me?,’ ‘yes it is, put it back’, ‘can I have it in my size?’, ‘no, I think this is just for babies so too small for you’, ‘I better check on the girls rails, a bigger size might be there’, ‘yes, it might be there’. Well it was a lot of fun, every so often, I ‘forgot’ some of the stuff they gave me on another rail, but for most part everyone was happy, we also pick quite a few items for Hector that we knew he would like, a T-shirt with spiderman on it, the Avengers, a few Monsters T-shirts a couple of jeans, some monster socks, he loved every thing!, and it was so sweet seeing the girls showing him what ‘they bought’ for him!.

After a quick lunch I still wanted to buy clothes for myself,  so Theo took the kids to a play area and I hit Zara, well, now we are talking!… I was the butterfly from rail to rail, it was pretty mad in there! I mean Christmas Sale!, the fitting room was super busy, they didn’t allow me to carry inside everything I have picked and with all that craziness surrounding me, I realized I didn’t have a plan!,  I haven’t thought about what style I wanted my brand new wardrobe to have.

Being in my early forties now, I am finding it difficult because I want to look stylish but not like trying to hard, you know?, I want a modern, sexy look that says, ‘look, I am a mum yes!, but I have not forgotten myself!’. With the girls now going full time to school, I no longer have babies, and believe you me I had babies! I have 3 babies under 18 months when the girls were born, so I know about babies!. That period of my life whether I am happy or not is over now. I have young children and I no longer need to wear just the most comfortable clothes to throw myself on the floor playing with them. So with that in mind, I started picking up pieces that I normally wouldn’t have, I came out of the shop with a couple of slim fit trousers with a very modern tailoring, a few blouses and a cardigan that made me look like an old timer rocker! (considering I was never one! I thought why not!). I looked at all the stunning knitwear they had there I even come up with some ideas for my patterns.

Anyway it was a very successful trip and I think I might repeat the experience again, buying a few outfits at the same time gives you a good idea of what goes with what and as my little girl says ‘and the cherry on the top is…’ that I really don’t have that much time for shopping (or anything else!) so this trip got everyone (excluding my better half! opps!)  sorted!