Featured Antropologie

Hi all, just before Christmas I visited the stunning Anthropologie store in Regent Street, I wanted to share with you my experience. I love to visit there not just because their products are amazing but the store itself is quite an experience! for starters there is a several floors high living wall!

LuzPatterns.com antropologie wall LuzPatterns.com antropologie wall 2 LuzPatterns.com antropologie wall 1

Then there are some great goodies!

luzPatterns.com anthropologie 2 luzPatterns.com anthropologie 4

How super cute are those!, my favourite products were all the stunning crochet appliques that decorated various items, for example here is a book cover! yes a book cover!!

luzPatterns.com anthropologie 3

And what about these tea towels?

luzPatterns.com anthropologie 5 luzPatterns.com anthropologie 6

The store is just such a gem! whenever your eyes land there are stunning displays with the most colourful beautiful products

luzPatterns.com anthropologie 1 luzPatterns.com anthropologie 8 luzPatterns.com anthropologie 9

The staff was also very helpful and a pleasure to deal with, not something you can say about most shops in London!. Anyway I just wanted to share my experience with you because I found it such an inspiring place, you know sometimes seeing their great pictures on their website it’s not enough, you don’t really get the whole atmosphere… then again I didn’t have my Cannon with me and I took this pictures with my phone! so much for getting the atmosphere ha! I hope you enjoy this post and if you do please pin it, facebook it and share it to your heart’scontent! 🙂

Visit their website here