crochet summer jute basket

Hi my name is Luz Mendoza and I am addicted to crochet bags!… this could possibly be my introduction to a support group I should probably go to :o)

My better half always asks me if ‘I really do need another bag…’ really? are you going there?, do I limit the amount of cables you bring into the house?, by the way I think they breed cos my house is full!. Anyway this is not the place to vent domestics… It is the place to talk bags… crochet bags! a while back I wrote about some of the designs and designers that I have been following for a long time, they produce stunning bags, you can see them here

In this post I wanted to talk about my crochet patterns for bags, I moved the blog from to .com a few months back and gain quite a follow up through Pinterest and Facebook (Thank you, thank you all!, I am so humble you chose to follow me!) . So to all the new lovely people who are part of my little corner of the internet I wanted to show you (or show off more like!) my bag patterns so far… I have sooo many ideas my poor little hands cannot crochet or knit them fast enough!. This is my story so far, enjoy my gallery!

First things first! I have uploaded my girls flower crocheted bag to Craftsy at the special price of $2.50 only for this weekend! take advantage!. Love this little bag, they put lots of tiny little dolls whenever we go eating out, they take their play with them! crochet flower bag

One of my favourites is the (I cannot call it like that because of copyrights) Chanel bag! shhhhh…. It is not Chanel, it is just a crochet bag! 🙂 on sale on here

Channel bag

For those of you who like to upcycle, I do quite a bit specially denim upcycling, love denim! pattern here

Denim upcycle crochet bag 101

I have try to crochet with everything! I even made two jute baskets! the retro one

Retro basket bag 80

And one (or two!) for the girls 

Girls baskets 139

I have done a couple more grown up bags, the denim blue vintage style

Denim retro bag 73

And a more sophisticated clutch bag!

Clutch bag 131

You can find all the patterns on my Ravelry and Craftsy too, as well as a few I haven’t really included here.

I am working on a nostalgic look back on the seventies with my newest pattern, coming up next week! come back for that one, you really would not want to miss that one! Have a fantastic weekend!


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