denim diy tote bag

I felt like sewing!, I am feeling like that quite a bit these days… funny how this urges come and go… anyway I am still working on my latest doll pattern preview here, but I really fancied making something bigger!

I had this denim fabric for so long I have been dreaming what to do with it, bags always come to my mind!, I thought of sharing with you the tutorial, enjoy it! denim bag with leather handles sewing tutorial 3

I started choosing the fabric, I got a lovely polka dots for the lining fabric

I cut two 17.5 inches squares out of both, the denim and the lining plus a rectangle big enough to fold and used a double pocket inside the lining. fabric cuts

I folded the pocket and sew two sides, leaving the last side open to be able to turn the pocket inside out pokect pokect 1

When sewing the pockets to the lining just place them in the middle at a comfortable position from the top of the bag. Now the part that I enjoy the most!, I wanted to make a free hand machine embroidery on the front of the bag, so I got some of my colours out and had a blast with the machine! colourful threads

Nothing here was thought through before hand!, I just went for it, it is sooooo liberating!, seriously I love it! machine embroidery

I prepared the lining for the bag, sewing the sides but leaving a big gap at the bottom to turn the bag around at the end. lining opening

I marked 2.5 inches from both corners at the bottom and opening I stitched the corner. lining marking lining marking 1

Now, I wanted some leather handles for my bag, and I know you know I cut stuff off, I cut old leather jackets to make stuff! ie another bag, check it here

So I got to all the bit and pieces that I have left from previous adventures and I got 2 straps of 23 inches by 3 inches. choosing leather handles

Fold them in half and sew them, making two stitches one at the edge and one on the fold itself. Also after sewing them together I cut the excess of leather, can you see the difference between them? leather handles

Leather doesn’t really like needles or pins so I hold the leather with little office claps (do you call them claps?) leather handles sewing

Sew them into place, by the way I only use my domestic sewing machine with leather needles and a plastic foot, it really works!. Then sew the sides and do the same for the bottom as the with lining. I placed the lining inside the bag, making sure the handles are inside the bag too, both right sides touching each other and sew the lining to the bag. Turn the bag around and sew close the opening of the bag. finishing the bag

And that is it! this is mine! what does yours look like like? denim bag with leather handles sewing tutorial 1I am planing other tutorials but I would love to hear from you, apart from a crochet tutorial which I am already working on, what would you like to see on my blog?, let me know my lovelies!. Have a cracking weekend! see you on the other side! 🙂


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