DIY Denim sofa

Hi all,

A while back we went on holidays to France and we stayed in an small 1 bedroom apartment, as a result Theo and I had to sleep in a sofa/bed in the lounge, it was okay, pretty comfortable what we really liked was the fact that we could put both sofa beds together during the day and it will work as a family-day-time-lazy-bed type of thing!, it worked brilliantly!, mostly because we kind of do sports type of holidays so when we come to the apartment we were all very tired, being able to sit/lie down with the kids in the ‘day-bed’ to read a book or just go through the pictures of the day was the cherry on the top (as my daughter would say!).

So anyway, we came back and we thought it will be great to have the same at home, Theo has a taste for DIY, (he has done some pretty amazing stuff around the house), he figured that he had enough ‘wood’ from old Ikea’s furniture up in the loft to build the base with legs, a proper Ikea hacker he is!,  he made an small storage box type and we bought the foam for the top family diy denim sofa bed 5

Then I had a go at what I thought I will never do, patchwork!, well… technically IT IS patchwork but not in a very traditional sense, (very few things about me are traditional) family diy denim sofa bed 4

I Went through my and Theo’s wardrobe for jeans to cut out, (I am loving the cutting out a bit too much!, so dangerous!). We didn’t have enough so I got some super big jeans from charity shops and after washing and cutting, I got busy putting the ‘fabric’ together. family diy denim sofa bed 3

I wasn’t very precious about straight lines, (I told you I wasn’t very traditional), I just loved how all the fabrics got together to make this cover. I am really pleased with how it turned out. family diy denim sofa bed 2

And the best part?, It works beautifully!, we use it for lots of things, mainly lying down to watch tele, but it means that we all have space to be confortable, there is illegal eating of yogurts and fruit on it as well, and criminal coloring in as well, but that makes it all the more successful! family diy denim sofa bed 1

Bye… see you on my next adventure with the scissors 🙂