This year I am determined,  I will be ready!. London is a funny place, you can have 28 degrees on Sunday and 15 on Monday! Last year in September I thought I was ready and then suddenly started to get cold really quickly!, I have three kids so I panicked and had to buy ’emergency’ winter gloves, scarfs and a few cardigans! This year I will be on top of it! I AM crocheting, sewing and knitting winter stuff through the summer even if it kills me! so it is a very sticky 26 degrees outside and I am sat here with all my merino and alpacas… nice!

I have been looking at the items that they will need for next year, a backpack is the first on the list, I like this pattern from Ann Marie Brei

annemariesbreiblog backpack bloged at

I have seen some super cool pencil cases but this one is my favorite!  by Minnebites

Whale pencil case bloged by minnebites at

This super cute rainbow crochet pencil case by Lisette Maurik van is adorable and so simple to make!

rainbow pencil case

I always make a ton of hats, they love the animal ones but I kind of fancy something a bit more smart looking, I love this one!

Hats Scarfs Gloves - Kids Clothing - Catya Lora Girls Knit Hat


On a more practical level I love this fleece hat tutorial from spoonful 


I must make lots of time to make at least one of this by knitting pure and simple

knitting pure and simple kids knitted cardigan bloged

Love the crocheted animal mittens by uncommon goods

kids mittens

A very simple tutorial for this lovely scarf here

bow scarf tutorialYou can bit a pencil scarf tho! this one by lisaBbowman

pencil scarf

I will have to set a few hours over the weekend for this one, but I really fancy making this winter coat by Heidi and Finn patterns

winter coat for kids sewing pattern bloged at


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