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Happy Friday!

I am so happy to introduce a new feature to my blog, “Luz meets:… ” well… mainly very talented crochet designers!. In this series of blog posts I will be interviewing some of the designers I admire the most!, contrary to what you might think there is a lot of support and many words of encouragements between us online, one place where this is possible is Design Wars, I have met great professionals there so I wanted to share with you who they are.

First up is Susan Carlson of the Felted Button

If you like crochet and you like colour Susan is the girl for you!, she has an amazing eye for colour and colour combination. They say pictures talk louder than words, in this case it is so true!…

Susan Carlson Waikiki

Susan Carlson 3

Susan Carlson 2

Say Hello

Hello! Thank you, Luz, for inviting me to share a bit about my love of all things colorful and yarny! I am a wife to a dear man and the mother of three “only” children as they are quite spread out in age–24, 15 and 7. My love of creating has always existed as I recall times as a child when I literally felt the NEED to create something and I would start digging through the house for the glue or paint or glitter or….

Why Crochet/Why Design

The first thing you should know about me is that my brain is VERY noisy. Like really noisy. It seems to constantly be buzzing with ideas and distractions. (OK, I might have ADHD.) But when I focus on something, I hyper-focus–until I get distracted. Crochet was that way for me, too. My granny taught me to crochet on a visit to our home one summer when I was a child. My first crochet project was a hideously long scarf for my dad. Apparently I didn’t know when to stop–something my teachers in school told me, too. I got a little distracted–for several decades running hurdles competitively around the world and teaching high school science–until I was inspired by some beautiful crochet blogs to get a hook and some yarn and try again. It was like heaven for my noisy brain. Calming, quieting and creative. But then I got really focused, trying my hand at all sorts of techniques and patterns. It was when my shelves and closets started overflowing with crocheted creations with no homes that Felted Button came to life. Why the name Felted Button? Simple. I love felting. And I love buttons. (I actually made myself a huge felted button to hang on my wall.) Not one to enjoy making the same thing again and again–it’s that distraction thing–designing something new each time I crocheted was the next logical step. And thankfully I had a very good Technical Writing professor in college to help in pattern writing.

Where does your inspiration come from

COLOR! It makes my heart happy! My eye is immediately drawn to the most colorful items in a store–especially a yarn store. I like mixing them and playing with them and rearranging my skeins of yarn to find just the right combinations. I look at nature. I look at fashion. I look at interior design. Although I am typically drawn to brights, sometimes the subtle tones of a neutral with a pop of color is delightful to me, too.

Favorite item you make over and over again

Blankets have been my obsession of late–see that hyper-focusing issue again. I think I am drawn to designing them because they feel like a blank canvas to me. I can “paint” with yarn and really get my creative jive on!

My favourite patterns are:

the Painted Pixels Blanket

Susan Carlson 6

the flying colors blanket

Susan Carlson 5

the Pointillism Posie

Susan Carlson 4

Advice for a beginner

My advice for someone just getting started:

Don’t give up–watch YouTube videos, try a wide range of patterns that challenge your new skills, don’t let the little things frustrate you (like a stitch count that is off by one), and ENJOY the process of creating. It will quiet a noisy brain, heal a tired heart and keep restless hands busy. In the end you’ll be better off, and you’ll have something wonderful and tangible to share with others! Happy Hooking and Hugs!

You can find Susan’s amazing patterns on her Etsy, Ravelry and blog.

Thank you so much for sharing Susan!


  1. I love Susan! Her work is so inspiring, and makes me happy every time I visit her page (daily 😉 )
    Do yourself a favor and visit her blog. You will be very glad that you did!

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