visit to the V and A

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite places in London, the Victoria and Albert Museum, they have a fabulous collection of textiles, fashion, art and design belonging to many eras and many cultures. Yesterday I went to see the wedding dress exhibition, You are not allow to take pictures or even make sketches of the dresses, but I thought I will still share the experience with you. The exhibition is within the fashion section of the museum in an open space with two floors the space itself is beautiful… it really allows the dresses to do the talking!

Wedding_Dresses_1775-2014_4Wedding Dresses Exhibition © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

There were some truly amazing dresses, the detail on them spectacular! but what really surprised me was Kate Moss’s dress, if elegance would have a corporeal being it will be this dress! it is exquisite, the sequins, the embroidery, the attention to detail, the delicate material, the colour! everything was perfect on that dress!

Victoria and Albert Kate Moss dress

Wedding Dresses Exhibition © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

kate moss wedding_2011_5

Photo by Mario Testino for Vogue

I just don’t think the pictures truly show this piece of art!, if you are in London and are passionate about textiles/fashion you must visit this exhibition I felt so inspired I just wanted to share this feeling with you!.

Luz xx