Starting today every day I will have a 50% off of one pattern, 12 days 12 sales! first one a DIY and crochet cowl using upcycled fabric… read on to find out…

I am a great gift giver…  well I am passed the age where you feel embarrassed to admit that I am good at something!  I have always been very good at giving gifts, I think about the person who is receiving the present, what are they into?, what do they love most? what can I get that will be part of THAT thing that is closer to their heart?…

When I make or buy something for my kids I always imaging their little faces when they open the present…  I ask myself how can I incorporate what they love to what I do or make?, for instance, I want to make new cowl/ponchos for the the girls for this season, (not matter how many they have got from last winter!, I need to keep my fingers busy!). Eva, is into superheros, big time!… well in a way they all are! but when the girls turned 4 we got them Batgirl and Supergirl costumes, since then she is always dressing up Batgirl and you know what?, I don’t dislike it!, they are way too many princesses dresses in my house!. Batgirl upclycled fabric crochet cowl 1 Batgirl upclycled fabric crochet cowl 2

With that in mind, I had this top which someone gave a long time ago, I didn’t like it and I was really really not going to ever wear it! but the superheros print was very sweet, so I kept if at the bottom of my drawer for a long time!, I knew one day I will be doing something with it, well… here it is!, I cut the whole bottom and used it as the lining for a lacy crocheted cowl.


The AHA! moment came when I gave her one of my scarfs and she complained it was itchy… well that normally happens with pure wool!, even with merino wool they complained that is itchy!, I mostly don’t like working with 100% acrylic either when there are so many lovely (and cheap visit Drops!) natural fibers out there!. So I thought, what about putting this lovely ‘lining’ on this lovely cowl?, I am very happy with the result and I think she is too… even if she looks a bit moody in the pictures! :o)



As always you can find the pattern  Ravelry, Etsy and Craftsy shops.

Happy Gift Giving! xx