Well this is it! the New Year is practically here! I love this time of the year, it is so good to look back at what you have achieved in life, it is kind of closing a chapter and start with a clean page, I love the fresh perspective that gives me, for the first time tho this year I have achieved a personal growth that somehow was not on my ‘plan’ or new year’s resolution last 31st of December! So in 2015 I actually wont start the year feeling like I have need to start from level zero in many aspects of my live!

We ALL want to be fitter and healthier, many of us slimmer too (that is definitely my case) throughout this year, I have learn that actually I do really enjoy exercise, I enjoy dancing Zumba three times a week and I have even tried Insanity and really enjoy it too!, I have taking a routine of running in the gym and having different weight workouts… I can now run 5K in 22.5 minutes! woooo hoooo! (I was not able to do that on my twenties so I am particularly pleased with that!). I even learn to love my body even though I haven’t loose the weight I wanted!, if anything I am heavier now!, actually this leads me nicely to the next point I wanted to talk about… food!, me, my partner, my kids, us as a family, nutrition and getting right!… No, I have not crack it yet!, I don’t have all the answers but I think I am on the right track, I love cooking and more importantly I love to know my family is eating healthy, I am not only feeding them, I am nurturing them… and as a reflexion I am nurturing myself and my partner!, one of my goals for the next year is to be able to up the number of vegetables we eat as a family, don’t get me wrong, we eat lots already! but I think we can do better, I hope I will be able to share some of the meals we eat with you.

My kids are now 7 and 5, I don’t have babies anymore! where has the time gone?, when I look at them I have such a mix feelings, I feel a bit sad that the early years seem to be flying past, at the same time, life is really busy and having 3 kids with such close ages, it seems we (Theo and I) are always firefighting!. They are a very lively bunch who enjoy lots of activities and are happy to discover what is next, my wish for the new year is for them to grow together, loving each other and respecting each other, my hope is that they grow to be well balanced compassionate people.

My partner has taking his fitness to another level altogether, he finished his first triathlon this October and is training for a few more coming up in the new year, he is feeling really good and happy and enjoy his new outlook in live, I wish he only goes from strength to strength and 2015 will be his best yet! I don’t doubt it for a second!

In a way I wish we have this tradition of giving thanks towards the end of the year, I know where it comes from historically but I feel it is such a great exercise to look back on your year and recognise all the great stuff that happened in our lives and to be thankful, at the same time to be more compassionate toward those with less luck.

From the point of view of the business, I am really pleased with what I have achieved this year, I would have loved to have released more knitting and sewing patterns but I have a very ambitions plan for the new year!, my goal is to make time to finished all the projects I have in the ‘to finished’ section of my mind!, I hope you like sewing because this year I am going to bring more sewing patterns, refashions and DIY projects, watch out for those!

Last but most important part of my business is an update on my crochet patterns and ideas, earlier this month I released my last two patterns of the year, a super cute start amigurumi doll, which was in my mind since I made the Star Halloween Costume

Amigurumi little star dolly 197 9Amigurumi little star dolly 197LuzPatterns.com Amigurumi little star doll

And the very last of the year was the last minute Christmas gift fingerless gloves, such a great pattern to finish the year with a bang!

Super Chunky fingerless gloves 198 Super Chunky fingerless gloves 198 5 Super Chunky fingerless gloves 198 1


I wish you all the best for the New Year, I hope all your good wishes come true, and as my grandfather used to say “And I hope I will be well enough to see it!” 🙂

Lots of love

Luz xx


  1. I loved the chunky knit on your fingerless gloves, Luz, but I just wasn’t able to get it right. Looks like my New Years resolution is to get better at knitting! Good luck with all your goals

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