No seriously, you crocheted what?, really?… seriously?…

Crochet watermelon shoes… yes! I kid you not! brilliant and pretty bonkers! my type of thing! These fruity shoes are made by Fruit Punch By Mayanile watermelon shoes by FruitPunchByMayanile

This lady does some fantastic work! I mean who wouldn’t wear banana shoes? banana shoes by FruitPunchByMayanile

You have to visit her shop! Fruit Punch By Mayanile

It turns out, there are some artist having lots of fun creating crocheted shoes, but not as you would have imaging!, these are hardly the type of slippers you would have at home! Crocheted Roller Blades by Olek roller blades shoes by Olek

Her high hels are amazing! crocheted high heel shoes by Olek

Some amigurumi just crack me up! what do you say to a amigurumi Super Hero Snail? by Fallen Designs… brilliant Idea! amigurumi super hero snails by fallen designs

Some artists are just amazing check out the smoke on that cigar! by Nathan Vincent amigurumi cigar by Nathan VincentI am not often speechless… crocheted nails by HookLook crocheted nails by hooklook

Feeling hungry? what about a crocheted pepperoni pizza/scarf by TwinkieChan Crocheted pizza scarf by Twinkie Chan

I am all up for a silly crochet hat, heck! I have a few on my shops myself!… but what in the world?… it is also a crochet pattern! find it here by jinkss crochet fish hat pattern by jinkss

What else would you like? a kitchen sink?… fancy you mentioned that!… and the kitchen sink! by Kate over greedy for color crocheted kichen sink by greedy for color