This week I released a new pattern, this one was a purse long overdue!, I love making handbags and I have made many patterns, but since the boho crochet bag, one of my girls has been asking for a bag for herself, every time I made one she always said: “with more beautiful colours!”, so I have worked hard and this is it she is very happy with it, I hope the girl you are making for is as happy as my little one! 🙂

Crochet_mandala_girls_bag_202_13_50Crochet_mandala_girls_bag_202_2_50Crochet mandala girls bag 202 10

You can find this lovely pattern for only $3 on Ravelry and Craftsy

Or… you can buy my three latest boho crochet purse patterns for only $10 on Etsy! but hurry offer ends soon! 3 crochet boho bags patterns for $10


  1. Hello. I just purchased the bohobag166 pattern for 4.99. I just saw that I could have purchased 3/10.00! so I am bit disappointed, can I somehow get the other two and pay another 5$?

    • Hi vicki,

      Yes you can!, buy any one of them and I will send you the other one, thank you!
      Luz x

  2. Hi. I’ve written on another link that I just bought the bohobag166 for $4.99 and saw that I could have gotten 2 other patterns as well for 3/$10.00. I just want to make sure I am able to benefit from this other offer. I have 9 granddaughters and I LOVE these bags and so will they. But I am a SS grandma, living on very little, so please advise me. Your work, your patterns are lovely. thank you. Oh: maybe this is the same link. hmmm. Sorry if just replicating my message.

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