glasses case crochet pattern


Since there weren’t many comments everyone who commented gets a copy! Have fun!

Hi all,

It has been a long time since I have done a giveaway so I thought of having a bit of fun with my newest pattern!

I bought this lovely fabric on the stitch and knit show last year, I loved the colours so much I had to buy it!, I am still to make something with it, but I adore looking at it, so much so that I have used it as my inspiration for the glasses case Aqua leaves glasses case 205 20 Aqua leaves glasses case 205 5 Aqua leaves glasses case 205 6 Aqua leaves glasses case 205 7

To enter for the giveaway you only need to do two things:

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  2. Comment on this post, say something nice, I don’t know maybe let me know what was the cutest thing your child said today, or what is your favourite cake flavour, or what is your pet’s favourite spot to lie down as you crochet, tell me something nice about you and your life, I can’t wait to hear about you!

I will choose 10 winners on Friday night 8pm (GMT) Good Luck!


  1. Not sure my previous comment posted. Love the pattern and while waiting out the next snow storm would like to make a couple of these for gifts.

  2. Sometimes, when it works out, my daughters and I sit together crocheting each of our own projects . . . sharing time, talk, laughter, concentration, different fibers, colors, stitch patterns, each of the differences settling together in one craft, connecting us there, at that moment in time . . . and I tuck away that “snap shot” in my “memories file” kept in my heart.

  3. I should drop everything and make an eyeglass case, I’m so irresponsible with my glasses. My 2 cats love my bed the most, I think.

  4. Super cite! I usually crochet on trains and buses while I commute to work and quite a few people are interested and talk to me. If I could get this pattern, I bet more people would talk to me with excitement!

  5. I think your glasses case would go lovely with the denim purse. I think your choice of colors lately have been wonderful. Makes a person feel cheerful on a dank winters day!

  6. I know I’m too late to enter, but I just bought some patterns from you yesterday and I’m super-excited and feel the need to share. I’m off to my local wool shop today to buy the cotton for my SILs little bag for her birthday! Yay!! I Love the colours you use (I’d choose them for myself!) but I’m thinking the mandala purse in blues and pinks for her, to go with her wardrobe! Squeeeeeee! Looking forward to making a pretty thing with your gorgeous pattern!!

  7. Ooh, I meant to ask before, Luz, where did you find that gorgeous button for the glasses case? It’s fab! =)

    Grats on getting patterns to every else who commented. Wish I’d known about this in time! (So jealous!)

      • Rats! That’s some seriously lovely things there!
        Guess I’ll just have to rummage through my (vast!) collection of old buttons (inherited from my grandma, donated by my auntie, etc) for something almost as yummy.
        I’m enjoying the bag-making, by the way. It’s sooooo much fun! And PRETTY!! =)

  8. THANK YOU for the lovely pattern!! I am so happy to have won and am looking forward to creating this lovely green leaves case!!! And thank you for offering this giveaway!!!

  9. As usual Im a little late. I still would like to buy a eyeglass holder. I’ll check it out. Love the Site so far. I will check back 3-4 times a week I hope. Ty & Hi from Minnesota.

    Susan M J

    • Hi Susan,

      Don’t worry I always have lots of offers, I am sure you will like what is coming soon! 🙂

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