At the end of last year I wrote a piece about my wishes and hopes for this year, on that post I wrote about what is it that I wanted to achieved this year, one of the things listed there was getting fitter and healthier. Okay today I went to the Hospital to get some tests done, I have not been feeling well for almost a month and half, the doctor suspected pneumonia and he sent me to get my heart checked (ECG), a chest X-ray, some blood test… I have finished my treatment now I am feeling a lot better but what shocked me was the result of my ECG, it turns out I have a resting heart rate of 50 bmp, I will be 45 next week so with all the training, dancing, gym going and healthy eating this resting heart rate puts me into the athlete category!… who?… me?

I have still to go back to the doctors and check all the results, the radiographer saw the dark cloud over my head and with my results in her hand she put her hand on my shoulder and said: “don’t worry you are all right”!. I am feeling really positive about the future, I have never felt this strong in my live!, nor have I ever enjoy working out in the gym so much!, I just wish I could talk to my 25-year-old-self and tell me to get on with it!, to enjoy the getting sweaty, breathless and red faced… and enjoy the adrenaline, and love the feeling after a great workout, and even love the muscle soreness the following day as it is all part of the same journey!

I want to share with you what we all do as a family to keep us all healthy and strong, if you are on my side of forty and have never really done much exercise I just wanted to inspire you, don’t think you have to ‘get old’ and assumed all those pains and aches are part of getting old, I didn’t!… I don’t! yes, of course we are chronologically getting older and thank God for that! think about the alternative… it is ‘not’ be 45, not reaching there! I want to be older, I want to live all the years that belong to me but I want to enjoy them, proper live them!

I promise to allow sometime to talk to you about our routines and how we exercise as a family and how we eat, for now I just wanted to share this video zumba as it was dancing that got me moving!

Check out their official website zumba

I wish you a very happy and healthy weekend!

Luz xx


  1. I can so relate to this. I started working out about 10 years ago. Only because my back was killing me. If it wasn’t my lower back it was my upper back after that my hips … It was very depressing. I started with some cardio routines, added yoga a bit later and then some weight lifting. A few weeks ago I started zumba … basically by accident. I was an hour early for my ‘power class’ and ran into these zumba people who talked me into staying and at least giving it a try. I was kind of embarrassed because I’m not very coordinated but everyone was so friendly and fun that I keep going back to this class and I really enjoy myself (back in the last row where no one can see me dancing to the right when everyone is on their way to the left. :-D)
    Needless to say I’m feeling better that with 20 years old and that alone is motivation enough to keep going!
    I’m glad you are feeling better, too. I’m following your blog and enjoying it a while now but never posted anything. So here are many greetings from Virginia, ivonne

    • Hi Ivonne!
      Thanks so much for commenting on this post!, I am so glad to hear about your experience, it means a lot to me when I hear about my followers, otherwise it gets a bit lonely here 🙂

      Zumba rocks!, I started at the back row too, I am now one of the front row divas! ha! 🙂 have a great weekend! xx

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