Crochet and beads broche

I have been wanting to make some crochet jewellery for some time, I started with pearls and beads and played with the idea of ‘soft jewellery’, I have not finished any designs myself, (the creative process can be very frustrating sometimes!) but I thought of sharing with you some of the artists who are making quite remarkable pieces!

First one designer I have followed for a long time! Margot and me is a German designer making the most amazing crocheted necklaces and other pieces

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Staying in Germany but with a Turkish designer Rita in Plama, only one word: Exquisite

Blogged at crochet necklace by Rita in Palma

Blogged at crochet necklace by Rita in Palma 2

Crocheting chains and stones unike work by PetiteMortShop on Etsy


I love the playful character of Vestida de Domingo, by fellow Spaniard Macarena Gomez

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I buy my Burda Style every month! do I get to sew anything from the magazine every month? of course not! I am still waiting for when they make the days with 48 hours!, I saw this crochet necklace tutorial and I just love it!

Blogged at Burda Style tutorial crocheted necklaceCrochet with wire and pearls this super elegant earrings from Orithadad on EtsyBlogged at crocheted orithadad necklace

Next is a very outstanding piece of crochet! I love this by Sukran Kirtis

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