beautiful tomatoes how to get kids to eat vegetables 1
Getting kids to eat vegetables how to get kids to eat vegetables
Modestly growing some lovely cherry tomatoes in the kitchen window

I am trying very hard to feed my kids healthy meals, vegetables are very important part of any healthy eating plan and I have tried many ways to put them in their plates, now I am going for a different approach.

My son loves running, he has been running since his little legs touched the floor… and it is fair to say he hasn’t stopped yet! he loves running so much that last year he started training with an athletic group running locally to us on Saturdays. We heard that some of the teenages being coached there are team GB!, which doesn’t only impressed my son I must admit!, there is also a senior champion running there, he is the European champion and over 70 years old he is amazing! still gives me the chills when I see him sprinting!

Anyway last Saturday my son through the vortex 11.5 meters (around 12.5 yards), this on its own is impressive but when I heard from my partner that the rest of the class was doing 5.5 meters and 6 meters I was blown away!… I took NO time to tell him that he was so good because all the lovely vegetables he is eating!… I do this quite a bit!, he is not very friendly with the green kind, so any opportunity to make them look good I take it! and guess what! he (and his sisters) were piling on the cauliflower on their plates, saying how much they loved the “white trees”, my little heart was doing somersaults!

I always wanted to cook only one dish a day for my family, the kids eat what we eat, we might add chilli flakes or some kind of hot sauce to our own plates but everyone eats the same, as a result we can take our kids to any restaurant and I know there will food for them to eat! it doesn’t worry me… we still have some tantrums now and then but I found that if they are really really hungry they will eat anything! 🙂 evil I know! hey! a mum gotta do what a mum gotta do!

Today I cooked a stir fry, the plan here is to add a bunch of vegetables cooking stir fry vegetables
Stir fry vegetables

And add some protein, I had some smoked mackerel, as it was cooking he said: “smells lovely”, This is the result, have yourselves a lovely evening cooking stir fry vegetables with makerel cooking stir fry vegetables with mackerel

Luz xx