Featured crochet designers

I asked a group of very talented crochet designers: What is the best crochet pattern for new crocheters, and their best tip for total beginners, and this what they have to say.

First up is Julie of Accrochet, I love the shapes that Julie creates in her garments and her playful attitude! she says: “For Tunisian I’d say this one because you don’t need a special tool the Ocean Geometric scarf

Accrochet ocean geometric scarf

“For standard crochet I would say this free cup cozy

Accrochet mug cover

Next is Ana of Accessorice here you can find a lovely collection of patterns, very elegant and very wearable, she suggests a very stylish and very simple boots cuffs, you can find the pattern on her ravelry


Her fingerless mittens are also very cute and super simple project

Accrochet fingerless mittens

Next is Charissa Ragsdale of madmadme, I think Charissa has a deep understanding of colour!, her patterns are vibrant, she suggests:

“I think the best beginning crochet project is definitely a market bag. Market bags work up in one to two sittings, they are immediately useful and as folks stop you to ask you where you got it or how you made it, you get quite a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention, who doesn’t want to turn head while grocery shopping? As a mom with three kids in the house, I spend a lot of time at the grocery store. It’s kind of my catwalk. ”

madmadme market bag

Last but not least is the lovely Hanna Cross from hanjancrochet, in her shop you can find patterns for the whole family and even some super cute amigurumi too!

She says:” This waffle blanket would be my suggestion for a total beginner from my store, as it only uses the one stitch and is so repetitive that is great for getting rhythm and really practising tension.”

Hanna cross blanket

I would like to thank all the designers who took part on this blog post, they are truly great crochet designers, if you would like for me to feature your favourite designer please let me know in the comments!

Have a lovely weekend!

Luz xx