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Black and white boho bag 231 - 1 (7)

Hello everyone!,

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED, you can find this lovely boho crochet bag pattern on my Etsy shop, Ravelry and Craftsy as always!

Time for a boho bag crochet pattern giveaway! Yeeeeyyyyy! I have been crocheting quite a bit lately but not really posting my new makings! I thought maybe you would like this boho bag crochet pattern for free? yes?

Boho bag crochet pattern
Boho bag crochet pattern

Well, let me know, if you fancy one of 5 copies going for free this Saturday the 7th of Feb, I will pick the winners at 8pm GMT.

To enter just go to the pattern’s page in Ravelry, give it a heart, give one other of my patterns a heart and come here and leave me a comment, that simple!


Collette Griffith

Denise Ossello

Jill Dupre

Sone and

larri strautman, 

I will be sending you all the pattern tomorrow morning! Congratulations and thanks you so much for taking part!

Black and white boho bag 231 - 1 (4)



  1. I love the design of this bag . . . the stitch pattern is lovely and the size is perfect!!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!! In addition to giving a heart to this pattern I also gave one to your sweet flip top mouse mittens: Sleepy Mouse Mittens!!! They are the cutest! Darlene P.

  2. Your designs are so colorful and I love them! This bag and your “Boho Bag” are wonderful, and are my favorites . . . for now! xox

  3. Your designs are unique and sophisticated. “Your new Boho Bag” with different colors and textured stitches are just another example. Love your patterns!

  4. I have told you often that I love your designs! I specialize in handbags and I love this one, too!!! Hoping that I nwin the pattern, but it WILL be mine regardless!

  5. Great design! Love the stitching and that handle is a great choice, too! Added to my favorites and added the Lace ribbing fingerless gloves to my faves, too. 🙂

  6. I love your new Boho bag and hope to win a free copy. I am an admin in a Facebook crochet swap group, and we are planning a Mother’s Day Bag swap. This bag would be perfect! I love many of your other designs as well, and I have had you in my favorites on Ravelry for quite a while.

  7. Oh my goodness…I just love all your patterns and ended up favoriting a few of them…but I love even more of that. 🙂

  8. Such a cute bag! I love your designs. I’ve favorited and bought many of your designs in the past. I hope to add this one to my collection!!

  9. I love your patterns. I have bought a few of your slipper patterns. And the pattern for the cord sole. I gave a heart to the boho bag and the perk slippers.

  10. Who wouldn’t want a copy of this wonderful pattern! This bag appeals to all ages. I would love to one for myself. I know my daughter and granddaughter would fight me for it, so would have to make them one, as well. The bag is so versatile and color combinations would be endless!

  11. Who wouldn’t want a copy of this wonderful pattern! This bag appeals to all ages. The bag is so versatile and color combinations would be endless!

  12. What a beautiful bag!!! Of course having a bag addiction this one definitely caught my eye, lol. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I so enjoy your creations as you are so creative and thoughtful in your designs. Always look forward to…what’s coming next? Peace & Light :).

  13. I love your patterns. And this bag is so cute. I also have taken several of your tutorials. And they have helped to a lot. I know can make toe up two at a time socks. Yippy!! LOL 🙂

  14. Such a lovely idea to have a giveaway, thank you. Love the patterns, have a few of them already and they are always easy to follow. The bag is a great design and look forward to seeing who are the lucky ones x

  15. This bag is wonderful! I left a heart on it, and on the fingerless gloves! They would both make wonderful items to put in my Craft shows for Charity!

  16. This bag is to die for!! I have to make a few of these for Christmas this year.
    I totally missed the sleepy mouse mittens too… those are the cutest!!
    These are now my favorite and in my to do list!!

  17. have purchased quite a few of your patterns and love looking at them…havent had a chace to make any yet..just looking at them is great. did not know you do tutorials, as another admirer wrote, where woulld I find them? sure other admirers of your designs would also be interested.
    If Im not one of the lucky 5, when can we expect to see the pattern ready for purchase?

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