knitted blanket

Big knitted blanket - 1 (4)

Hello all, I wanted to share this diy knitted blanket I have worked on over Christmas, there was a lot of watching movies so I sneaked a bit (or a lot!) of knitting whilst watching!

A long time ago I bought an assorted pack of yarn from Yeoman yarns, it it there was a couple of different colours of red, blues, and creams wool, I didn’t really know what to do them and so there were in a big box unopened

Big knitted blanket - 1 (5)

I always think the when the inspiration strikes I will be ready! As I said over Christmas there was a lot of hanging around eating and being merry so when I opened the box I was delighted to see what was inside!, I used up three full cones of yarn!, plus a few skeins of wool that were hanging around, this is now my favourite piece of textile that I have made, it is not fancy, it is not even that clever but you know what it is?

Big knitted blanket - 1 (3)


Big knitted blanket - 1

Hello 🙂Big knitted blanket - 1 (1)

This is how I work in my living room!, the kids are allowed under it when there is no eating or drinking around it!, I just loved knitting this blanket, there was just knitting and purling and adding the colours as I pleased, mindless and calming… I have not got into the colouring books for adults so this is my version of ‘just keeping my mind busy’

I hope you enjoy this post, if you do please leave a comment below telling me what is it that you do just to keep your mind busy/calm?

Have a great day! even if it is raining outside… there is always a knitting/crocheting/sewing/cooking lovely thing to do! 🙂

Luz xx