Mandala Christmas Crochet pattern

Mandala Christmas Crochet patternThis Christmas Crochet ideas are a lot of fun to make!

I went through my (very large) collection of cottons and decided to go a crazy with the colours!

Mandala Christmas Crochet pattern

I love the most contrasting ones, you can always spice them up by adding some sparkle

Mandala Christmas Crochet pattern

The mandala pattern is a photo tutorial guiding you thought all the steps. I am very always very careful to produce beautiful patterns in this manner, reading the pattern is also very pleasurable

Mandala Christmas Crochet pattern

These lovelies will look great on many Christmas themes, rustic, whimsical as well as traditional themes, they are timeless.

For more ideas about the holidays decorations check out my Christmas section

Have a lovely week!




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