Crochet Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree decoration

I have decided to design this lovely Christmas tree crochet decoration following my addition to cute Christmas ornaments. I love how versatile this pattern is!

Crochet Christmas tree decoration

As always I took lots of pictures to show all the steps for this Christmas tree ornament.

Crochet Christmas tree decoration

I am determined to have a very colour Christmas this year! therefore my crystal ornaments will be mixing with my home made crocheted ones.

Crochet Christmas tree decoration

My kids are thinking of adding some sparkle to this lovely Christmas trees and I for once think that is a great idea!

Crochet Christmas tree decoration

Even though I settled for the same colour scheme we had fun combining colours. I think these might be a great DIY idea for kids, they will have so much fun putting them together.

Crochet Christmas tree decoration

The pattern is available in all my shops, it is only $1 on my Ravelry shop!

If you are interested in Christmas crochet ornaments, have a look at my other blog post where I am have written a FREE photo tutorial for this flower Christmas ornament.

I am working on my Christmas presents now so hopefully there will be more goodies coming to my blog soon!

Have a great weekend lovelies!

Luz xx



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