Upcycled quilt handmade

DIY, upcycling vintage embroidered table cloths into a quilt

Upcycled quilt handmade I am lucky enough to be living in Amsterdam, a stunning city with a history of upcycling and reusing. A few months ago I collected a whole bunch of vintage embroidered table cloths.

Vintage embroidered cloth

They were beautiful!, some made by hand some made by machine, in all of them the colours and the motives were stunning! I was particularly taken by the quality of the cotton and linen fabrics they were made of.

Upcycled quilt handmade

The quilt is made by mixing colours, flowers, abstracts, cross stitch with any other type of embroidery! I must admit I had a lot of fun!
Upcycled quilt handmade

For a contrasting fabric, I used a blueish cotton fabric from Ikea┬áto make some stripes. I didn’t measured much!, really not that bothered about having a wonky quilt furthermore if I think about it, I think I wanted it for it to be wonky!

Upcycled quilt handmade

I thoroughly love this quilt, I love finding out the tiny pieces of embroidery here and there.

Upcycled quilt handmade

Basically I kept going until I had a bedspread big enough to cover my bed!

Upcycled quilt handmade

In my stash, I had this quite ugly fabric (you can see it on the above picture, top center).By using it on this quilt, I wanted to see if I could use this fabric with the quilt as I didn’t want to waste it. The result is actually really nice!, this really surprised me!. Below are more pieces of it.

Upcycled quilt handmade Luz Patterns

The pictures on my room they are not as bright, winter! am I right?, the light is so poor!
Upcycled quilt handmade Upcycled quilt handmade Upcycled quilt handmade

Very happy with the result! and I think this will not be the last one I make!. Oh! you can almost see my handmade rug I crochet a while back!, I will be posting some pictures soon!

Have a lovely week!