grey slouchy beanie 01


My name is Luz Mendoza and I am originally from Spain, from the beautiful Island of Tenerife, I moved to the UK over 17 years ago and live in London with my better half a wonderful englishman and my three children, a boy and identical twin girls. I crochet, knit, sew, cook, bake and eat, laugh, play, hug, kiss… basically I am in love with life!

I have decided to write the patterns of the stuff that are mostly inspired by my kids, sometimes it is what I think they need or like, and sometimes it is just a plain request!, ‘mummy can you make me a…’. The best part is to see their faces when I gave them something that I have made, ‘mummy, you made it for me?’, I love it!, I hope you enjoy my patterns to. Happy Crafting!!