This is the first of my DIY posts!, I am very excited to share with you all the things that I make for my kids, better half, myself and the house! I hope you enjoy this section!

Make this lovely girl’s skirt, it’s easy!

Luz Patterns DIY Skirt 12
You will need three different colour fabrics, my girls are now 4 so this is what I use:

For the waist I cut 70cm (27.5 inches) by 6.5cm (2.5 inches) with a flowery fabric
For the yoke I cut 70cm (27.5 inches) by 8cm (3 inches) in brown
And for the skirt I cut 104cm (41 inches) by 20cm (7.9inches) with another flowery fabric.
You will also need some elastic for the waist.
Seams allowances is 1cm (1/4 inch) already included.

Luz Patterns DIY Skirt 1

Sew the skirt side seam, attach the waist to the joke and sew the seam too. Here now I go over all the edges and I make a zig zag stitch all around, if you have an overlocker well you know what to do then!
Luz Patterns DIY Skirt 2

Run a gather stitch all around the top of the skirt and gather it until it measures the same as the joke, also fold the hem and top stitch

Luz Patterns DIY Skirt 3

With right sides together, pin the skirt to the joke and sew. I like to iron all the seams as I go along, it just makes for a much better finished.

Luz Patterns DIY Skirt 4

Fold the waist in half and top stitch it just above the seam with the joke

Luz Patterns DIY Skirt 7

Leaving a gap to introduce your elastic.

Luz Patterns DIY Skirt 9

Luz Patterns DIY Skirt 11

Measure how big you want the elastic and cut it and sew it, sew the gap close. Iron, iron, iron…

And there you have it!
I have twin girls… so I also made this one!

Easy skirt 1

And a little something to go with it!


Will try my best to do a tutorial for the vest too! I hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you did, please share the love!, remember you pay love with love! 🙂