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New crochet pattern! I have been thinking of this hat for a few weeks now. I have tried a few zig zag type of designs, nothing really seemed to work for me, I wanted it to be textured and stunning to look at but straight forward to make, I think I have achieved it (after unravelling quite a few times!)

I am going to be making a few for my kids now, I already have the requests: Eva wants hers in ‘rainbow colour’, Alba is all about yellow these days and Hector’s favourite colour is blue… always blue…

I have written 3 sizes: toddler, child and adult but I give plenty of instruction if you want to make it smaller for a baby or larger for a fuller cowl. I am telling you one thing thou… you are going to love the ribbing! it is so very stretchy! I think from now on it is going to be first choice! Anyway here it is!

Slouchy lace hat and cowl 160 6

We took the pictures just outside my home, the beautiful red tree behind me, having the very last days of leaves on it. When the sun hits it in the afternoon it gets all cooper… So beautiful, I don’t know how to described it, Β it is just one of those things in life that makes you smile and makes you feel humble, you know what I mean?

Slouchy lace hat and cowl 160 5 Slouchy lace hat and cowl 160 4 Slouchy lace hat and cowl 160 1

Slouchy lace hat and cowl 160 8 Slouchy lace hat and cowl 160 9

You can download it from my ravelry shop here, I will be updating all my shops with the new pattern today. Many thanks for visiting and stay tune, there will be a second post today… πŸ™‚


  1. Apologies! I should have worked out the rest of the row before I panicked. That’s what I get for crocheting while tired. Worked out perfectly (as I’m sure you know, as you wrote it!)

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