DIY chocolates

Okay I am sure there are plenty other things you should teach your children to cook but… come on! chocolates! why not?! DIY Chocolate hearts 2

I believe nothing is bad for you, it is how much you do anything that could be bad for you. My kids are always on the go, they do not stop! I am very blessed  to have such a bunch of happy and healthy little people who… drive me crazy, make me so proud and make me smile so much!.

Last Sunday, Hector my little boy, was getting frustrated because his sisters weren’t playing with him. He has kind of a rough deal, he is the older brother of identical twin sisters so sometimes all this princesses role playing gets to him. I called him and asked him if he wanted to help to make chocolates, well did he?, he jump into position in the kitchen! DIY Chocolate hearts 1

We make these lovely hearts, not other reason but the fact that I only have heart chocolate making mold. DIY Chocolate hearts

He loves loves LOVES nuts!, so he chopped a few cashew nuts and we sprinkled some honeycomb at the bottom of the molds, added the nuts and pour in the melted chocolate, we melted milk and dark chocolate in a bain marie. The chocolates that we ended up with were kind of a funny colour and I think it could have been one of two things,  we either didn’t mix the both kind of chocolates together properly or… DIY Chocolate hearts 3

He was so impatient that I put the mould in the fringe and they probably didn’t like to get cold so quickly, the truth is they were (yes were, they are all gone now!) delicious! and he enjoyed breaking the chocolate and chopping the nuts… funnily enough the girls didn’t seem to be interested in carry on playing princesses when they came out!


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