Well I thought long and hard about this, who doesn’t want to improve their lives right?, did I wanted a New Year’s resolution?… Not really, I don’t think they work and on top of everything you feel a bit let down when (inevitably) you fall of the wagon. So decided to document my journey this year, here are my facts:


The truth is I need to lose a few pounds around 10! (well or 12…) 


I already do a lot of exercise, between 3 to 4 times a week I go to Zumba which is quite a lot of fun!, I also try to go to at least one class of Yoga and I walk a lot too.


I do eat quite a good diet, I cook practically everyday and being from Spain there is no many days that we go without eating lots of vegetables at home, call it salad or call it sauce for the pasta/rice, also we eat lots of fruit at home, we call it pudding!


I am still overweight!, don’t get me wrong I am feeling fantastic!, my energy levels are like there were when I was in my twenties!, my body is much firmer and I have started seeing some muscles which I forgot I had! (I have been told by my better half that my bottom is looking particularly good, I take his word for it! 🙂


Last year I saw this bbc Horizon’s program about the 5:2 diet and we, (me and Theo) did it for quite a few months throughout the year, and we both agree that it made us feel a lot better, I slept a lot better and Theo has the body fat of an athlete! it is shocking really!. The most important thing for the both of us is the fact that we both have seen a massive improvement in our head… let me explain, you know that fogginess that sometimes you have in your head, sometimes for days!, well all of that is gone, we both feel we have a much ‘clearer’ head.


We are not big drinkers, all those years of partying are well behind us, we used to live in Edinburgh before children and boy did we party there!. I like my red wine and Theo likes wine or a beer every so often, BUT I have decided to stop drinking for the month of January, you know the dryathon from cancer research?, and I am happy to report it doesn’t bother me at all.

GOING BACK TO FACT NUMBER 4, I am still overweight! so what I have decided after all of this is the followin: It doesn’t matter whether you eat healthy, do a lot of exercise and keep active in general if you eat too much, and I mean everything counts, every single mouthful that I take when I am cooking for the kids, every single little biscuit that I eat with them, even the portion size counts!… So I am having another approach, I will be cooking the healthy meals I always cook BUT will be eating smaller portions of it! and in that line of thought here is a quick recipe for a healthy and delicious lunch.

I love frittatas, I love eggs and they are kind of a pizza type of meal, where you can put practically anything your heart desires but much healthier. This one is a courgettes or zucchini frittata

Frittata 2


This is a very simple recipe and normally changes according to what I am having in the fridge!, for this one this is what I had:

2 eggs

2 medium gorgeous courgettes (my favorite vegetable!)

Garlic, of course

Extra virgin Olive Oil, I don’t cook with anything else.

A splash of Soya milk, I just don’t like cow’s milk.

Salt and pepper.

If you have a grill, switch it on, cut the garlic and the courgettes and fry them with a little oil, when the vegetables are getting all brown and beautiful whisk the eggs and add the milk in a bowl, season with salt and pepper and pour it into the frying pan, shake the pan a bit so the food won’t get stuck. When it is looking almost cooked at the bottom place it under the grill to cook the eggs well on the top. And that is it! enjoy your wheat free ‘pizza’ 🙂

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