DIY frozen sewing

Well as a parent of two little girls there wasn’t going to take too long before I was asked to make two little Ice Queen dresses!. As any 5 year old, they adore Frozen from Disney and it has been impossible to get the dresses from anywhere! someone really messed up on the merchandise. I decided I will make a couple of Ice Queen dresses, I didn’t want to make them like Elsa, my point of view is that she is an young woman and she looks it!, my little girls and 5 so I thought a traditional princess cut dress is more appropriate. Anyway these are my monkeys wearing them just before going to a birthday party (it wasn’t a costume party but who was going to get the dresses off them???), they had a great time and I had a few mums asking me to make them for their little ones, I felt so bad saying no, but really who has the time?, I was sewing the stones on the dresses the night before till late!




It didn’t take long until the ‘photoshoot’ became something else!


Anyway this is how I made them, this a list of materials for both dresses:

I bought 3 meters of the satin style fabric for the body, plenty! I had about 0.5 meters left over.

2 meters of the crystal organza for the cape

The dresses weren’t ‘icy’ enough so I bough 0.5 meters of silver ‘lacy’ type of fabric, almost like a netting fabric to cover the front of the dress, you can see this fabric better on the first picture

I already had the yarn, you will probably be okay with 50g of DK weight yarn

I had a bunch of sewon stones from a my previous art deco hat pattern

I added a VERY last minute white/silver plait to their hair with the yarn left from the Design Wars challenge project. The materials were quite cheap, I made each dress for a grand total of £5.75! (around $8 or $9).

Anyway I am just going to give you a general way of making them, as I was on a timer and I could not take pictures of the process, at one point I had one of them sat on my lap as I was sewing the thing!. They are size 5 years.

For the bodice, as I mentioned, I used a DK weight yarn (light worsted weight) and a size G hook (4 mm), I chain 80 chs and I joined to the first chain.

Round 1: ch3 and make 1dc on each ch till end of the round, join with a sl st.

Round 2: ch3,* make 1dc on each of the next 7sts, make 2dc on the next st, repeat from * till end of the round, join with a sl st.

Rounds 3 and 4: ch3 and make 1dc on each st all around, join with a sl st and fasten off.

Sleeves: (make two obviously…)

ch43 and join with a sl st.

Round 1: ch3 and make 1dc on each st, join with a sl st.

Round 2: ch3 make 1dc on the next st, *ch1, skip 1st and make 1dc on each of the next 2sts, repeat from * till end of round.

Repeat round 2, 9 more times,

Round 12: ch3 make 1dc on the next st, *ch1, skip 1st and make 1dc on each of the next 2sts, repeat from * till you reach the last 3 sts, decrease 2dc together and join with a sl st.

Round 13: : repeat round 13, you basically reduce the whole sts by a group of 2dcs and 1ch.

Rounds 14 – 15: repeat round 2.

Rounds 16 -18: repeat round 1. Fasten off.

I sewn the sleeves to the bodice only on the top and only half of the circumference of the sleeve, leaving the rest as it is. Ice Queen dress detail

The dress was quite easy really. For the cape, I just divided the fabric into two, so 1 meter each, I folded the edge twice and sewn a seam all around (boy that is a very slippery fabric!) for the back panel of the dress, I measured the distance between the bottom of the bodice and the floor and added 3 inches for the seam allowance. For the front I measured the opening of the bodice in the front (it was around 11 inches for the size 5 years) and cut an A line shape around the sides.

For the ‘icy’ fabric I quite literally just placed it on top of the front panel and I ran a zig zag stitch all around, leaving the bottom free, I cut around the excess fabric at the seam. Ice Queen dress details

I sewn both panels the front and back at the sides, and sewn the front to the bodice. For the back I just made 8 big plaits until I used up all the fabric, I did the same with the cape, but left enough to get to end of the sleeves. I handsewn the cape to the dress and sewn all the stones to the bodice and some on the sleeves, I then seamed the bottom of the dress and that was it!. I hope I have giving you enough detail to make your own dress, I was kind of rushed! 🙂 Ice queen Ice queen details

Ah yes!, I almost forgot! I already have requests for Queen of the forest dresses…. Seriously???


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