Leather bags

I have gone back to what I said I will never do!, I am making leather bags again! why? because I am in love with them!, I love textiles in every form and when you feel so passionate about something you just cannot turn it off.

There are a couple more reasons for me to go back to sewing, first is the fact that I got a new sewing machine! OMG!, after my family, it is a very close second love of my life!, if you like sewing you know what I am talking about. The second  reason is the fact that I might be getting a garden studio! woo hooo!, hopefully this summer will see my little sewing room being planted in the garden! 🙂

So anyway, I thought if I am serious about writing here about my passions, I cannot not  talk about my leather bags, if you are here only for the crochet then don’t worry, I have plenty on my hooks! for the moment, I just wanted to introduce my work here. I have been cutting vintage leather coats, lovely printed cottons and making some very handsome bags (yes I said so myself!).

The first three are made out of vintage leather coats. vintage leather reclaimed messenger bag 1 Tan_large_hobo_bag__30 Two_tone_brow_crossed_body_messenger_5_30I made the next couple samples with  leftover italian leather hide pieces I had. I cannot wait to have another couple of days just sewing them!2_30 and a few clutch bags… love clutch bags! Red_leather_clucth_bag_3_30

You can find all these bags on my other Etsy shop here