Food inspiration

Happy Monday!, today I ‘didn’t’ step on my scales, (probably because I know all that falling down red juice on saturday spelled not very good news!) BUT! as many others, monday is normally the day that I think: ‘right!, that is it!, today I start my diet!’, only to give up by tuesday afternoon!…

I have been doing the 5 2 diet on and off for almost a year and half, and although I haven’t particularly gone back to my healthy weight I must admit the health benefits that I feel really make up for not seeing size 10 on my jeans anymore! I kind of think, ‘Hey!, I am healthy, I do plenty of exercise (just came back from my Zumba class this morning!) and I feel pretty fit and happy”, I think I am going to stop worrying about losing these few pounds and start enjoying live! And yes! that includes the 5 2 diet!, hey! it works for me!.

My only problem is the fact that I am really not that well organised, I am kind of missing a gene or something!, gosh! when I see this ‘professional’ mums at the school gates I think to myself: ‘no…. just no’.

Having said that, I think I need a bit more structure when it comes to the food I eat, I am always so careful about my kids having a nutritionally balanced meals, with plenty of fruit and vegetables (even if they make lots of noises to eat the later!), but when it comes to myself (and my poor partner) we just make a sandwich and or whatever is faster. So today is the day I am organizing my weekly food planning! get a load of that ‘Super Mums!’

Monday dinner…. I fancy this cauliflower rice from tinned tomatoes (I rediscover cauliflower and now I cannot have enough!) it is only 137 and I am not fasting today so I will add a piece of chicken no doubt!

5 2 Diet - Savoury Cauliflower Rice

Tuesday, I am fasting… so it is baked cod Provençal I found at Marie Claire


Wednesday me thinks a frittata from Lavender and Lovage (I love frittatas, spanish omelettes anything with eggs really!)


Thursday I am fasting again, I think fish, salmon is always good, this one from Mimi Spencer

salmon two waysFriday I get to do Zumba again! (wooo hooo!), so I need something substantial! I think I will have this chicken and some rice!

chiken breast

Saturday it’s a burger! Portobello mushrooms burger that is! from Greatits

Portabello Burger_604

Sunday… Sunday? what? do you want me to cook on Sunday!??? you will be so lucky! 🙂