DIY bedroom

I am in a mission! After 4 years of living in our home I decided I had enough of an “open door wardrobe”, okay what I mean is you buy this cool wardrobe’s ‘guts’ from Ikea, they fit perfectly on the gap where the wardrobe used to be but then… I just didn’t know what to do with the front! anyway this is what it looked like before wardrobe before and after 1 wardrobe before and after 2

Well actually I guess this is an intermediate step as you can see the rail on the ceiling already. wardrobe before and after 3

And this is what it looks right now! wardrobe before and after wardrobe before and after wardrobe before and after wardrobe before and after 7LuzPatterns before and after wardrobe

Considering that I have never really made a curtain and it only took me two and half hours I am really happy with the result!, I was so worried I would mess it up so I only bought a inexpensive white cotton and added the gold fabric stripe at the bottom, duvet cover really needs an upgrade tho! 🙂

It was very easy to make as well, Theo measured the ceiling and bought and installed the rail, then I just measure from the ceiling to the floor and all the way around the corner. Because there isn’t much space between the bed’s feet and the wardrobe I didn’t want the fabric to ruffled too much so I only added an extra 60 cm.