Yes! this year I am doing the ‘Twelve days of Christmas… Crochet Patterns!” There will be a selection of crochet and amigurumi patterns leading up to Christmas, first one Snow White Christmas Tree:



LuzPatterns.com_Snow_white_Xmas_tree_3_30 This sweet Christmas Tree is big enough to sit proudly at your dinner table!, I particularly love white Christmas but this pattern will look just as adorable in green with gold accents.

You can find the pattern for only $3 on Ravelry and Craftsy. Pattern also available at my Etsy store

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  1. am somewhat confused (a frequent state for me). I thought *The twelve days of Christmas* started on Christmas day until Epiphany and Advent was the 24 days before Christmas…Of course I want to purchase your beautiful tree and can only imagine how wonderful your ornaments will be. Will enjoy making all of them. Thanks for sharing your talent will all of us, charlotte.

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