Okay stop rolling your eyes!… It is not that I think you, (or in this case me!) can ‘hand’ made everything, but! I really do not understand why we have to spent almost as much on the wrapping paper as you do on the presents!?

I promised a 12 Days of Christmas crochet, well this is a Christmas DIY which is probably going to be the easiest and most practical!.

Introducing how-much-for-Christmas-ribbon?-you-must-be-joking!-I-can-do-myself-with-a-fraction-of-the-money-crochet-christmas-garland… oh Christmas crochet garland for short! :o)

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The trick of this DIY is to use anything and everything you might have with sparkles and then use them in colour blocks, so for instance, I will be using the blue to wrap all the presents for my boy, the silver for one of the girls and the pink of the other, in this case they will know which presents are for them!, I am thinking of only using brown paper as well, why? I hear you asking?… well I just love it! is there a better reason?. I will be including some name tags as well, or just use sharpie to write their names… even that can be done with lots of flare and it doesn’t have to cost the moon!

So this is what I propose, use ordinary brown paper to wrap the present and then get creative with the yarn, making a long  chain going around the present a couple of times and then make a motif, like a heart or like in this case a little sun-circle type


or a simple bow


at the end of the day, it will take exactly 1.2 seconds between the child seeing the present and the paper getting ripped apart! (why don’t adult do that?, it is a lot more fun!) Happy gift giving!



  1. This is a really cute idea. Since Christmas is already over I will keep it in mind for upcoming birthdays … I have just the perfect leftover yarn for this! 🙂
    Many greetings from Virginia and all the best for the new year! ivonne

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