Hi all!, I hope you have a fantastic New Year’s celebration!, we ended up going to visit grandparents for the New Year and today was the first day back to school for the kids, I must admit I felt really strange walking out the school gate this morning, I felt a bit empty, don’t get me wrong, I have been looking forward to sit down and get on with lots of tasks that I have set for my work, wanted to go back to ‘normal’ life… but I didn’t expect to have such a sad feeling as I was walking to the gym this morning…

Anyway, Theo (my better half) decided to sign me up for a 10K run in London at the beginning of Feb… the way I feel right now is arrrrrhhhhhhggggg! How am I even going to run/walk/curse for 10K!??, the most I have done is 6K on the crosstrainer!, so… to start properly training I went for a run in the gym.

It is a lovely walk, only 10 minutes and last week I took these pictures of some stunning leaves in the frost, so beautiful!

LuzPatterns.com_early_morning_frost_2_30 LuzPatterns.com_early_morning_frost_1_30 LuzPatterns.com_early_morning_frost_30Today it is just a bit warmer and wet, a proper London’s morning!. I will be updating you with my progress but for now I just want to wish you all a great start of the New Year.

Luz xx




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