shawl crochet pattern

Yes STILL!, it seems to be taking forever!, I know I cannot complain too much as in many parts of the glove there has been lots of snow and a very mean winter… it is raining in London (like that is news!) and it is a very missable day… being from Tenerife I have learnt to really enjoy the sunny days you get here because they will not last!, I have to say tho if London had Tenerife’s weather… I would never got anything done! 🙂

Having said all of that, I kind of love London’s moody days, the days that you just want to sit by a window with a steamy hot coffee and just get on with work, I get quite inspired and since I cannot go for a walk I get productive! presenting: It-is-still-winter-shawl! White Winter triangle scarf 204 01

I had this shawl finished with the pictures also taken and the pattern almost done for 2 weeks!, thanks to London’s horrible morning I finally finished the pattern! White Winter triangle scarf 204 04 White Winter triangle scarf 204 03 White Winter triangle scarf 204 21

As I wrote in the intro of this pattern, I love this one as you can use it for winter but you can also make it in a soft cotton or bamboo for summer and get yourself a very versatile pattern, don’t you have patterns you love and go back over and over again?, I have a few sewing patterns and some of the kid’s all time favourite crochet hats patterns, I go back to those quite a lot.

This pattern has lots of photos to help you along the way and it is now live on Ravelry for only $3! and craftsy.

Happy Winter! (no point to be Debbie downer about it!)



  1. Is it easier 4 you and more advantageous for you for me to purchase the 3 patterns directly from you. ill be using the friday50 code

    • Hi Larri,

      My shop here has not got all the listings, if you send me your paypal email address I will send you an invoice with the discount and will email you the patterns as well, you can send your email (with the selection of patterns) to fbpatterns(at)luzdelaguna(dot)com. Thank you!

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