crochet and sewing

I always loved Spring, it is my season!, I was born on the very first day of Spring and I think that set my inner clock. This easter was great, we went skiing with the kids, I love spring skiing for most part the sky is blue, it isn’t that cold and you get beautiful days out in the mountain… I must admit I feel a bit sad being back… fabric and yarn crochet dress inspiration

Anyway, I need to shake it off because coming back to London the gardens are in full bloom and there is colour everywhere!, I love the blossoms at this time of the year, it is so beautiful to see the trees waking up from a long sleep, there is a new beggining kind of feeling in the air and I am drinking it all in!

So with this new refreshed spirit I have turn back to my fabric stash, (seriously how much fabric, yarn and craft magazine can one have?, not really!… I am actually asking!, I just don’t know how much there is!). I have accumulated quite a decent amount over the past few years, I buy fabric and yarn anytime we travel or whenever I heard a new shop has opened. I bought this lovely owl print cotton in Stof2000 in Copenhagen over a year ago, the shop assistant was amazing and she gave me so many little presents, at the end she even let me have some of the fabric for free as I spend so much there!. When I bought this fabric I knew exactly what I was going to do with it, a crochet and fabric sun dress of course… I had so many of this type of dresses growing up in Tenerife,  I do feel very nostalgic about them, I thought they were very special when I wore them… I hope my girls feel that too.

I am planning to make the bodice with this lovely cotton from Drops, actually!, I just realized this dress is going to be a very scandinavian affair! Keep your eyes peeled the dress and pattern coming up soon!

Have yourself a little lovely afternoon!

Luz xx