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Luz Patterns crocheted slippers Hooded knitted scarf 11 - 1 (2)

Happy New Year all!

One yarn two patterns knit it or crochet it!, buy 1 get 1 free!

I don’t know you but me I am loving the new beginnings, makes me feel good and brand new.

I have decided to have a little sale buy 1 pattern get 1 pattern free, on all my knitting and crochet patterns. In the spirit of brand new things I decided to use the same yarn to make two designs a knitted cowl and crocheted slippers. The knitting pattern and the crochet pattern are both already listed on my shops but if you want to try them both I have a promotion right now on Ravelry! buy 1 get 1 free!  Enter coupon code ‘1for1’ at check out, if you fancy any other pattern for free be my guest! get one pattern for free every time you buy one!,  promotion ends at midnight Sunday the 10th GMT.

This year I have decided to bring quite a few new thing to my shop and to my blog here, I am always inspired and passionate about many subjects so I am determine to bring this topics into play here on my shop.




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