7 protein rich plant based breakfast, family edition!

4 protein rich plant based breakfast, family edition!

Protein rich plant based breakfast, A while back my partner and I decided to try going vegan for a month, after the time finished we both were feeling so much better and full of energy than we decided we were going to read lots about it and keep it going. We eat considerably more food than when we were eating the standard diet, for him it has been amazing, lost quite a bit of weight (not that he needed it!) and his skin looks amazing, most people are surprised to hear his age, he looks about 10 years younger!. For me it has been different, I haven’t really lose that much weight, (did I mentioned I like eating?), but I feel all the benefits of eating healthier much cleaner diet, again my skin looks and feels amazing and I do look a lot younger than my 46 years of age (even if I say so myself! 🙂

But! this post is called 4 protein rich plant based breakfast… so in we go! (secretly this is a great way for me to keep all those notes off my head and into ‘paper’ so I know what my food plan for the next week is!)

Oats with fruits and maple syrup

This is my own making, we do this at home with different fruits a lot!. Oats and fruit with maple syrup, self explanatory and very very delicious! (my favourite!)

7 protein rich plant based breakfast, family edition!

Salted caramel cookie dough smoothie

This beauty is from runningwithspoons.com,  I think the keywords here are caramel and cookie for my kids!, you can find the recipe here

salted caramel cookie dough smoothie

Chia Pudding with grain free granola

Well, if I felt like a queen before… recipe by half baked harvest

Chia Pudding with Grain Free Granola.

Chocolate Hemp Milk Custard

I have been following Brendan Brazier for a while, this have two of my favourite things, avocados and chocolate!

Chocolate Hemp Milk Custard 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars Chocolate Hemp Milk Custard

Haven said all of this, I must admit sometimes it is a struggle to cook for the five of us, my kids were brought up eating everything, and I mean everything! I am from Spain, we eat in Spain like the English and Germans drink!. So my kids love to eat fish and meat, I have not stopped them from eating what they like but at home they eat vegan, mostly it is hard work as it is!, I guess for many plant based families this is an abomination and for many mainstream families it is an extreme way or raising your children, for us it works!, I love seeing my kids helping themselves to pieces of fruit from the fruit bowl when hungry or asking for ‘white nuts’ (cashew nuts) to snack on… still if/when they see the ice cream van (and it is not just before lunch!) they know they can have one, I think going with the flow and making sure there is plenty of wholesome foods in their bellies is probably the right thing to do for us.

Have a great weekend!