Vegan pasta with brocoli

Yummy food! Easy family pasta broccoli dish, healthy eats

Vegan pasta with brocoli

I love to cook, I love to create yummy food! this easy family pasta broccoli dish it’s very healthy, and if you don’t have much time this easy and healthy family pasta dish is perfect when in a rush!

Pasta is always welcome with my lot, if I was to let him, my son would  be powered by pasta! I personally can take it or leave it but if I am going to make pasta I like to load it up with greens, best of both worlds, children happy with the pasta and mummy happy with kale and broccoli that comes with it!

At the beginning of the summer I got myself a 24 inches wok, we do eat quite a lot of food!, I make very easy meals on it, this dish is one of my favourites, I can go from preparation to table in 20 minutes!


Pasta shapes (as much as you need to feed your tribe)

Two big heads of broccoli

A big handful of peas (mine were frozen)

Kale, again a big bunch

Garlic, two or three gloves

Coconut oil, about a tablespoon

And any spices you would like, I used ground cumin, all spices and coriander


Boil the pasta as per indicated in the package, I like to leave the pasta pretty ‘al dente’, it tastes so much better.

In the wok, heat at the oil and add the mince garlic and the spices, let them cook for a few minutes, add the broccoli cut in small pieces and the peas, cook them until the just tender, then in small handfuls add the chopped kale, wait until it has wilted before adding more, this won’t take long. You are pretty much done!, drain the pasta and added to your stir fry, very gently stir it with the veggies and that is it!

I serve mine and Theo’s with sweet chilli sauce, the kids might want to add a knob of tomato ketchup.

Don’t forget to check my food page, I will be posting more delicious family friendly recipes.

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Enjoy it!