crochet bag pattern

My favourite crochet bag patterns

Hi all,

I have made a compilation of my favourite crochet bag patterns by other designers, I truly love the colours and shapes of these designs!

First on my section is this lovely Kaleidoscope bag by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk, the colours in this bag are amazing! how clever is this little purse?, I love the little yellow puffs, they look like tulips!

crochet bag pattern

Tatsiana has also designed another mandala bag, the Wheel of Magic bag, a cool boho relaxed look.

The clever Susan Carlson made this Ipad bag, the felted fabric makes the bag and the handle quite special. A very useful and pretty bag.

Ipad crochet bag pattern

Susan is well known for making very colourful blankets but I think the twist she has put on this felted bags is very smart!, she is very aware than the bags are for extremely important jobs, like this  stash tote, I am going to need a few of these!

tote crochet bag

For a more substantial carry all bags visit Pam of Sincerely Pam, this Penny Bag is a great weekender!

 Pam loves to make bags to be used all day long, check out this carry-all purse!

carry all crochet bag

The next bag is a super sweet and super cute owl bag by Carolina Guzman, Carolina makes lots of super cute amigurumis but this bag is just the cutest!. Great minds think alike!, we both released an owl bag the very same week! you can find mine here

owl bag

Take your work with you with this lovely cascading tote by Crystalized Designs

cascading bag tote

I love carrying my projects in style with this boho tote

Another owl bag, in my opinion you cannot have too many!. This Alanna Owls bag it is very different, uses intarsia crochet thus making the surface of the bag speak for itself! the crochet pattern is by Divine Debris

owls bag

She is not done with colourful bags, check out this Sally skulls bag, isn’t it amazing!! I think you can have lots of fun making these lovelies!

Looking for an smart over the shoulder bag to go to the beach? I got one for you!, have a look at this granny beach bag by ACCROchet

Jennifer Pionk from a crocheted simplicity has the boho beach look nailed with two larger totes, the Mosaic tote bag

mosaic tote bag

And this Chasing Chevrons, yarn and beach tote, well I think that is all my needs covered!

Check out this Patchwork Tote bag from Blackstone Designs, check out the projects there are quite a few very colourful bags!

patchwork tote bag

I left the most colour bag for the end, I know my girls would love this bag! the gradient block handbag is a dreamy rainbow!

Gradient bag

I hope you like this great collection of crochet bag patterns, I am pretty sure you can find the one for you here!, let me know what you would like to see next, socks maybe?

Have a great weekend!

Luz xx


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