DIY upcycling denim cushion DIY upcycling denim cushion

How to upcycle and sew a cushion cover

This is a tutorial on how to upcycle and sew pillows with upcycled denim and other fabrics.

I have been thinking about this project for a long time. My living room was in need of new pillows so I decided to put all my old jeans to work! upcycling fabric

I love the feel of old denim, the beautiful texture of the indigo fabric after years of use is just stunning!.

The bare thought of sending any textiles to the trash makes me sad, such a waste! We must come out with ways of upcycling, recycling and reusing!

You can find fabric to reuse everywhere, the french ticking pieces, for instance, come from a fabric sample. upcycling fabric

Not enough for making a cushion on there own but plenty to make a beautiful new fabric with some imagination, patchwork and denim.

I am not going to lie to you, I did not cut the fabric with any type of ruler or measurements, I could have done but I just wanted to leave my creativity to rule on this one, so I cut stripes of fabric some wider than others.

I let the fabrics talk to me, I love this aqua with this faded piece of denim, that grey with this dark piece with white stitching. upcycling denim and fabric upcycling fabric

I decided how the fabric was going to look as I went along.

Pairing pieces of the cut denim with straps of the fabric sample book. Producing some kind of rectangles of fabric. upcycling denim fabric

My cushion pads were 18 inches square so I made two pieces of fabric around 20 inches square per cushion. I simply sew both pieces of fabric together leaving one side open for the pad. I then sew the last side, pretty simple cushions.

The magic here is on the pieces of textile created with the upcycled materials. DIY upcycling denim and fabric

I love how the denim and the other pieces of fabric get together, they are just stunning, I love looking at them! DIY upcycling denim and fabric DIY upcycling denim and fabric

Although each side of the cushions is different, I think they all together make a very handsome set!

DIY Denim and fabric sample cushions - 1 (4) DIY Denim and fabric sample cushions - 1 (4)

As the kids grow their jeans do not fit anymore, I usually cut off the legs, making shorts for summer. Using the jeans a couple more months and I end up with a few ‘denim legs’.

For this project I also used a pair of my old jeans plus an extra leg of a xxl workmen trousers, I also used 8 pieces of the fabric sample book.

Overall this is a very easy project, the only thing you need to keep in mind is to make straight lines when joining the panels you created, and also to make perfect squares.

If you enjoy this project please share and comment, spread the love! 🙂

Have a great week everyone!



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