Black Friday 50% off crochet patterns

First of all to all my friends in the US Happy Thanksgiving! a Black Friday 50% discount patterns enter BLACKFRIDAY Raverly shop.

Now tis the time of the year when all we want is…to buy patterns at a great discount! 🙂 A very juicy! 50% off discount on all my patterns so you get twice as many patterns for your money!… sorry I get excited with sales! 🙂 Black Friday 50% off crochet patterns

Enter my super original code: BLACKFRIDAY (it was late at night and I was tired!) and get 50% off in my Ravelry shop. Have a great crocheting time whether you crochet in the morning or afternoon or even whilst doing yoga.

Christmas presents ideas

What is it? you need some ideas to make as Christmas presents? say no more!, I make lots of hats and mittens as gifts but I do take in account who I am making my present for, for instance my mother loves my shawls and cowls (necks as they call them in Spain), I sent her this super delicate cowl and she wears it all the time.

You can find the pattern here. I also sent this lovely knitted blanket, I never wrote the pattern for this one but she love the lap blanket, she is a crocheter as well you know, so she likes to cuddle up under it! knitted blanket

If you fancy knitting a blanket, I did write this one! Pattern in my shop here

knitting pattern cable blanket

My mother in law loves fingerless gloves, I have sent her quite a few, this is one of her favourites. Pattern here fingerless gloves pattern

My partner and any man in my family get scarfs and cowls, but one of the best ones is this unisex pair of mittens, easy and fast to make! mittens crochet pattern

The kids are very easy, there are plenty of goofy patterns, my son really loves his Dinosaur blanket!

dinosaur crochet blanket

You might not see it but she is roaring under the cowl! even though it is a cat and not a tiger! 🙂 You can find the pattern here cat hat and cowl crochet pattern


Best Wishes

Luz x