upcycle denim drawstring bag

How to upcycle denim, Crochet denim drawstring bag… Well, how to upcycle the pockets at least! upcycle denim drawstring bag

This pattern is one of my oldest designs. As many of us I keep lots of my old jeans, I really just like denim fabric, so I love to keep them around until the creative fairy comes out with a good idea!

LuzPatterns denim crochet bag

One of the features I am particularly fond of is the pockets on this pair. The brown thread is just so lovely. I decided to run with it and emulate the same design aesthetic with the bag’s strap and the closure denim drawstring bag

I used a lovely cotton merino wool from Drops Design for the bag and strap. I think this yarn is so close to the denim colour that makes the bag a very comprehensive design.

You can find the pattern for only $3 on my Ravelry shop, the pattern also comes with the UK crochet terms. 

The pattern is also available to download in all my other shops, Etsy, Craftsy and AllCrochetPatterns  


This pattern is part of a collaboration with malikoo, they have never paid me for any for my work, nor have they paid any royalties to me as stated in the contract, I have contacted them in many occasions and I have never heard from them so I therefore declare the contract void with them and retrieve my right to sell my intellectual property.