Denim crochet and knit blanket

Fun denim blanket knit or crochet blanket

My new pattern shows you how to make this DIY knit or crochet denim blanket pattern, although you can see a knitted body I include explanations for the crocheted version. Denim crochet and knit blanket

I feel in love with all the beautiful denim yarn at Hooks and Yarn, I ended up buying almost all the colours they had in Style craft Jeanie Denim Look and Scheepjes Stone Washed 

Make the body of the blanket knitted or crocheted

Luz Patterns Denim Blanket

Mixing two types of yarn and mixing two types of fabric (knitted and crocheted) is not a problem to me, I love making a patchwork look with the denim colours. My son likes denim almost as much as I do, so that was an easy fit!

Luz Patterns Denim Blanket
Luz Patterns Denim Blanket

The size of the blanket has been designed for a single bed, it is great as a bed spread or a lap throw. Because of the colours I found it goes beautifully with almost any decor.

A boy’s room might be the original purpose of the blanket, but it will look great anywhere.

With a simple adjustment of the stitch count will produce an stunning wrap as well!. This project was such a pleasure to make. I have designed and made many blankets have a look at the Dinosaur blanket.

Luz Patterns Denim Blanket

The main body was a simple forward and backwards whilst watching television. The border is more interesting, making some quite original corners. You can get the pattern now for 40% off presale only $3 on Ravelry. The patterns is also on my other shops Etsy and Craftsy

Have a lovely weekend!